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KOH PHANGAN is still a COVID zone, thus we kindly ask that you respect the following :
- Attendance is limited, therefore we kindly ask you to click on the date you wish to attend, then on the "going" button and message the Page to RSVP and help us keep count.
- Please wear a mask, keep a safe distance from other attendees and wash hands/ use hand sanitizing gel here regularly.
Thank you for your Help in keeping everyone safe !


-Please read description in full.
Fire props are not toys, and should used responsibly to ensure your safety and others'.
- This workshop is designed for making WICKS ONLY.

if you'd like to make your own fire props from scratch, please contact us to book a Makers Pass, the tools you need, and tuition if you don't know how to use them 🙂 🙂.

We also have a weekly time on Saturday at 11am when you can come - by appointment- to have your Fire Props checked and fixed. Send us a message on this page to book:


Please come according to the wick style you choose to help us ensure a smooth Session for everyone.

Post in the discussion of this event if you have any questions so the answers help others🙂

-ISIS wicking : 1pm-5.30pm
-SUSHI ROLL wicking : 2.30pm-5.30pm
-MONKEY FIST : 2.30pm-5-30pm

While we work on your beloved Pyro Tools, we'll go over fire safety tips to make sure everyone can play safely in their Fire adventures !

So you wanna get your Fire Spinning game on ?
We got your back !

We have 3 different ways you can choose from to wick your props !
Here they are:

- Sushi rolls : the most common way to wick props, rolling a flat kevlar wick around the tips and sewing it closed. It works great, and has a decent flame size and burn time.

- Isis Wicking : this technique relies on a specific knot made with kevlar rope. It’s a bit more difficult to make but has the advantage of giving you a longer burn time because of the texture of the knot and the way the fuel distributes into the kevlar.

- Monkey Fist : This is a common Knot used for Pois, rope dart and Staff ends.
It gives an impressive "Fire ball" effect as the end shape is round.

This Session is paired with "Fire Fans Your way" if you want to get a set of Pyro Fan frames to wick.

At LABracadabra, we want to give you the tools and skills to play with fire as safely as possible, thus we created the Pyro Makers LAB Sessions, a series of workshops to complement your circus related Flow LAB sessions and courses.

Here are all the activities that help you make your Fire Spinning experience Safe and well equipped.

-Every Wednesday 1pm : Fire Prop Covers

-1st Wednesday of the month 1pm: leather Fire proof sleeves

-1st Saturday of the month 1pm: DIY Practice props

-2nd Saturday of the month 1pm: Fire Prop Wicking & Fire Fans your way

-3rd Saturday of the month 2pm : Monkey Fist

Then you can come Practice your Flow with us every Friday from 5 pm!
Friday Free Flow | Community LAB

Last but not least, if DIY is not your thing, you can also ask us to do it for you in any style you want and even more custom knot designs we don't teach in this workshop!

Contact the FB page messenger to enquire about i!

✦ Price:

This LAB Session works "A La Carte":

The basic Price covers the tuition Fee :300฿

- Sushi Roll :
-> 2 inch Flat Tape kevlar at 250฿/m (usually 300฿).

-Isis Knot & Monkey Fist :
->Full Kevlar rope 6mm diam 150฿/m
->Gutted 10mm Kevlar rope 200฿/m
->Full Kevlar rope 10mm diam 300฿/m
->Full Kevlar rope 14mm diam 350฿/m

-We also have silicone tape, grips and other prop making hardware for sale. message us for details.

Special discounts** :

- LABracadabra's residents, Craft & Makers Month Pass Holders* & Thai Nationals: 200 ฿ off

-Flow LAB Month pass Holders & Flow Course attendees :150฿ off

- Work permit Holders & Circus Flow LAB Sessions Attendees (AKA drop in sessions): 100฿ off

*Visit the Service section of our FB page for more info about our Craft, Makers & Flow Passes !
** discounts are non cumulative.

✦ What to Bring :

- Yourself, your friends, and all your island vibes !
- Reusable Water Bottle for free refill
- 🍈🍍Fruits to shake&share with your new friends🍌 🍉

✦ General LABra Guidelines :

* This event is for adults.

♻️🌸LABracadabra aims to become more sustainable by the day. We advocate the use of reusable items, such as reusable food containers, drinking bottles, and shopping bags, which are available for sale in our shop 🌸♻️

🚯🚯PLEASE DO NOT BRING PLASTIC BAGS OR ANY DISPOSABLE PLASTIC CONTAINERS on LABracadabra’s premises. Not even “just that once”, grow a pair and tell that 7/11 employee to take it back. Change starts with you today, not tomorrow. 🚯🚯
WE HAVE A 10THB FINE for any disposable plastic brought into the premises. yep, we're not kidding. All proceeds will go into making recycling stations for the island.🚯🚯
♻️💡 ♻️If you want to know more about how to grow sustainable habits, simply ask us! ♻️💡 ♻️

Pyro Makers LAB Sessions and courses are Event series hosted by LABracadabra, focusing on making Fire props that will make your spinning experience as safe as possible. We also organise DIY, Crafts, Makers, Flow & Community LAB Sessions. Follow us to keep up to date with our upcoming events!

You can also join our messenger group where upcoming events get posted daily ! Message us to be added:)

If you'd like to share your skills and organise an event at LABracadabra, contact us!

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