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12 Apr 13:30


Glass bottles are a great upcycling material, and can be a burden to recycle, especially if you like your wine;)
Good news is, they can be re-purposed into drinking glasses, slow dripping irrigation systems, lampshades, candle holders and lots of other amazing DIYs... as long as you know how to cut them!
Youtube says it's easy but in real life, it proves to be a bit more difficult.... until you find the right technique!
So come meet us at LABracadabra, and let's Life Hack our drinking habits!

Here at LABracadabra, we try to find new ways to divert trash from it's saddening fate : the landfill.
At our own little scale, that mostly mean, upcycling !!! We are constantly brainstorming new ways to make treasures with what's laying around unwanted, in order to change the way we consume.
We develop and show these hacks to you so you can share them with even more people !

This DIY LAB Session is part of our Upcycling Hacks Series designed to help tune our minds into a different way of looking at the materials we use to make our projects.
Tetrapak Origamis takes place every first Monday of the month.
Here is what we DIY the other weeks using trash:
-1st Monday : Tetrapak Origami
-2nd Monday: Glass cutting
-3rd Monday : Pull Ring Chainmaille

LABracadabra's concept is based on Burning man values, which includes #radicalinclusion, #gifting , #participation and #community.
This means that everyone is invited, it is a place of exchange, and that it exists because of YOU, for YOU and with YOU. The more you interact with the place, the more alive it gets, the more it grows and gives back to you !
This also means if you want LAB sessions to happen, talk to your friends, share the event, take ACTION !

*****{ Details }*****
✦ Price :
This DIY has a minimum fee of 150 b
Your support helps cover tools and consumables

✦ What to Bring :

- Yourself, your friends, and all your good vibes !
- Reusable Water bottle for free refill
- 🍈🍍Fruits to shake&share with your new friends🍌 🍉

✦ Please Note :

* This event is kid friendly. However, parents should stay and supervise their own child throughout the session to ensure a smooth session for everyone

♻️LABracadabra aims to become more sustainable by the day. We advocate the use of reusable items, such as tiffin cans, stainless steel drinking bottles, and fabric shopping bags ♻️

♻️🚯PLEASE DO NOT BRING PLASTIC BAGS OR ANY DISPOSABLE CONTAINERS on LABracadabra’s premises. Not even “just that once”, grow a pair and tell that 7/11 employee to take it back. Keep it in your bike if you must, just don't make your trash our problem. Change starts with you today, not tomorrow.

WE HAVE A 20THB FINE for any disposable plastic brought into the premises. Yep, we're not kidding. All proceeds will go into making recycling stations🚯 ♻️
If you want to know more about how to grow sustainable habits, simply ask us! ♻️💡 ♻️
DIY LAB Sessions are workshop series hosted by LABracadabra, focusing on Life Hacking using mostly recycled Materials. We also organise Makers, Flow and community LAB Sessions. Follow us to keep up to date with our upcoming events!

If you'd like to share your skills and organise a workshop at LABracadabra, contact us!

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