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10 Apr 18:00


This 2 week course has a limited spots (max4/pax) and requires pre-booking.

How to RSVP :
✦Open the event page. Read Description in full.
✦FIRST : click on the event’s starting date.
✦Then click on the “Going” button on the Facebook event.
✦Send us a message to confirm your attendance. Sign up before April 3rd and get a Discount **.

Feeling sexy and strong? Wanna up your femme fatale game? then this course is for you !
Sports Pole is an acrobatic style of pole dance. While learning to move sensually around the pole, you'll challenge yourself with gravity defying tricks on the stainless bar !
Once you nail the moves, we'll look at cleaning transitions and making them flow, turning an array of tricks into a suave dance.

This Flow LAB Course is designed for pole beginners, however, a certain level of strength is required.
If you are a real beginner and do not have Aerial experience, the "Exotic Pole Course" is probably more suited for you.
Event Coming up soon, follow the page to get notified !

Private Sessions are also available, message us for more details.

LABracadabra's concept is based on Burning man values, which includes #participation and #community.
This means that it exists because of YOU, for YOU and with YOU. The more you interact with the place, the more alive it gets, the more perks you get from it, but also, last but not least, the cheaper it gets for YOU!

*****{ Details }*****

✦ Price : 2500฿

The fee includes 4 classes and 2 weeks of "Flow Pass" so you can come practice on the Pole on your own time outside of scheduled event hours.

Special discounts **:

- LABracadabra's residents, Month Flow Pass Holders : 500฿ off
-Early birds & work permit Holders : 150฿ off
-Thai Nationals : 50% off

** Discounts are non cumulative

✦ What to Bring :
- Shorts and sports bra
- A towel if you wish to shower after the session
- Reusable water bottle for free refill

✦ General LABra Guidelines :

* This event is for adults.

♻️LABracadabra aims to become more sustainable by the day. We advocate the use of reusable items, such as tiffin cans, stainless steel drinking bottles, and fabric shopping bags ♻️

♻️🚯PLEASE DO NOT BRING PLASTIC BAGS OR ANY DISPOSABLE CONTAINERS on LABracadabra’s premises. Not even “just that once”, grow a pair and tell that 7/11 employee to take it back. keep it in your bike if you must, just don't make your trash our problem. Change starts with you today, not tomorrow.
WE HAVE A 20฿ FINE for any disposable plastic brought into the premises. Yep, we're not kidding. All proceeds will go into making recycling stations🚯 ♻️
If you want to know more about how to grow sustainable habits, simply ask us! ♻️💡 ♻️

Flow LAB Sessions and courses are workshop series hosted by LABracadabra, focusing on Movement Arts of all kinds. We also organise Makers, DIY and Community LAB Sessions. Follow us to keep up to date with our upcoming events!

If you'd like to share your skills and organise a workshop at LABracadabra, contact us!

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