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Subcultures on Koh Phangan in a TV Show by DocumentARI

6 Dec 2017

Koh Phangan will be featured in 2 episodes of a TV production made by Ari who spent time visiting many different Countries gathering information and footage during his travels. With his own unique take on the island’s subcultures we speak to him now he is back home to find out more about this interesting project...

Hi Ari, so how did you end up on Koh Phangan?
I started to produce my TV series ‘DocumentARI’. My Ukrainian ex met me in Goa and told me that Koh Phangan was the place for me. 

You have been travelling the world for a long time, filming footage for the show, can you tell us about this….
I was shooting in 11 countries,California, Mexico, Japan, Nepal, India, Holland, Italy, Thailand, Ukraine, Germany and Turkey.

What will it be about?
I mostly speak about the underground scene, taboo and Subcultures, these are my speciality but I also speak about social topics such as slums in India, of mystic experiences like peyote in Mexico and festivals in Europe, body suspensions worldwide and my passion is for freaky stuff!

What part will Koh Phangan play in this documentary?
I produced 2 episodes about Phangan, one is about the Full Moon of course, named the ‘most wasted drunk Olympiad’. This is a collection of 4 full moon parties with an international competition of wasted people. It is easy for me to film this stuff because I don't drink at all and I'm a magnet for strange people.

You cover a lot of ‘underground/sub culture’, how did you get involved in this?
I started to Dj New Wave, Punk, Gothic and Industrial music when I was 20 years old and after 20 years in this career I specialised in E.B.M (electro body music) and Electro Rock, and this gave me the connection to become also a performer and to film Fetish parties that usually are forbidden for the media.

And what ‘subcultures’ did you find, if any, on Koh Phangan?
On Phangan there are 2 subcultures mostly, the Psytrance Goa scene and the Techno raves.

What were your favourite parts of the island?
For living I like Baan Tai because it’s in the centre and you can easily connect to most parties and activities but I'm also linked to the Sanctuary where I discovered the energetic labyrinth that I talk about in my episode.

What are you currently involved with?
At the moment I'm involved with the post production of the TV version of ‘DocumemntARI’ and I have material to make 3 seasons. After I sell the first one then for sure I will celebrate and come back to Phangan!

And leave us with your life philosophy…
My philosophy is not so complicated, I suffer with Peter Pan syndrome so I try to ‘carpe diem’ and be myself everywhere, everytime.


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