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H2O - Why should you Keep Hydrated whilst on Koh Phangan

22 Oct 2019

Everyone is going to tell you to stay hydrated and drink lots of water whilst here in Thailand but why exactly is it so important to do this in a more hot and humid climate?

Firstly, your body needs more water to deal with the heat. You will naturally feel more thirsty in hot weather and your body will be sweating out much needed fluids so you’ll need to replace them.

It can be quite dangerous to be dehydrated, especially in a hot Country, and you wouldn’t want to get a heat related illness whilst on your trip!

Your body needs Nutrients and they don't only come in the form of food, in fact water is the most important, and often most forgotten nutrient. You can last for some time without food, but only days without water.

In the hedonistic midst of the Koh Phangan party scene you may get wrapped up in drinking alcohol in all its forms, this will dehydrate you even more so it's worth remembering to have water with you at all times to drink from between alcoholic drinks! This will also make the hangovers easier to handle.

If you go into 7-11 you will be able to find rehydration sachets, these are flavoured salts you can add to your water if you feel you need an extra boost!

Make sure to get into the habit of having water with you wherever you go and at all times. Get yourself a Trash Hero, refillable bottle and also this means you can get free water refills from many places on the island so you won’t be contributing to the awful plastic problem!

You want to make the best of your trip to Thailand and Koh Phangan so keep hydrated, feel good and enjoy...


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