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New York City VS Koh Phangan

30 Nov

3 Differences and Similarities Between Koh Phangan and New York City:


Pace of Life: NYC is known for its hustle and bustle as people always have somewhere to be. In Koh Phangan, life is much slower. People are more relaxed and not always in such a rush.

The Nature: In Koh Phangan, you will find palm trees, beautiful beaches, jungles and other lush nature. Just look out the window in Koh Phangan and you will feel more connected to the earth.However, look out the window in NYC and you will find complex architecture, large skyscrapers and other buildings everywhere.

Music: In New York the most popular type of music, usually played in clubs and bars, is hip-hop. Also, there are jazz clubs and electronic raves in underground studios in Brooklyn. In Koh Phangan, house, techno and trance music are very popular. DJS from all over come to perform at giant beach parties. 


The Diversity: New York City is known as the ‘melting pot,’ as people from all over the world flock here to start a new life. Koh Phangan is also very diverse. People from many different countries visit Koh Phangan every year to enjoy all the island has to offer.

Touristic site: Both NYC and Koh Phangan see thousands of tourists. Many times people come to the United States just to visit New York: see the empire state building, visit Central Park, Times Square, etc. And in Koh Phangan people come here to enjoy the nature, practice yoga, spend time on beaches, etc.

Party Spots: NYC and Koh Phangan are both well known for having a great party scene. Whether it's the bars and clubs in New York or the bars, moon and beach parties in Koh Phangan, you are bound to have a good time at either one.

By. Veronica Nagorna

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