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Fun in the Water

19 Feb 2019

You hike, you lay on the beach, you drive around on a scooter, you party. But Koh Phangan can offer more attractions than that. It’s an island, so you can dive into water-sports.



Most of the Koh Phangan beaches have kayak rentals. So you can take one to see the island from the water.

The best spots are on the western side as the water here is calmer and usually it is less windy. But beware of the flows – as they can take you away in the sea. And don’t forget to use sunscreen.

Rates start from 200 for 2 hours. So try to plan ahead and see how much time you can spend on the water in the heat.


Koh Phangan has the best location to start dive-safaris in the Gulf. The reefs can be found near Chaloklum bay and then go deeper along north-west coast. Also there is a wonderful spot Sail Rock, you can get there on a boat – it will take approximately one hour. Also you can dive in the Angthong Marine Park and around Ko Ma.

Also you can find a lot of underwater grots where you can meet all kinds of sea creatures.

Rates start from 1000 THB for the dive from the beach. And 2500 THB for the trip to the spots with two dives.

Also here you can get the certificate for the open water. Average rate is 12 000 THB.



There is only one place to do it in the whole Gulf of Thailand – and it is situated on Koh Phangan, in the Chaloklum bay. Here you can find English-speaking instructors and sometimes even see competitions.

15 minutes set costs 350 THB

Kite surfing

If you travel with the wind you will be pleased to know – it blows here. The best conditions are from December to March.

You can see dozens of kite schools on the southern coast – especially in Ban Tai. As the beach hear is pretty shallow – it a good place for ones who never tried it before. Also the traffic here is pretty low, so you won’t bump into other people.

The price for the lesson starts from 4000 THB for two hours.


And the last but not the least – stand up paddle. Again the south coast with its shallow beach and small (or even none) waves – offers best conditions. Here you can paddle into the sunset – that can be an unforgettable experience.

The average rate is 300 THB for one hour.