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Things to do this week on Koh Phangan May 18 - 24

18 May 2020

Koh Phangan is still practicing all the measures set to stop the spread of Covid19, however we are lucky that the curfew has been extended to 23:00 hours and that many establishments are back open to enjoy!

Here's a little guide for the week.

Monday 18th May
How about a nice relaxing day at the beach? In these quiet times there's plenty of space to practice social distance. We would recommend checking out Haad Rin Beach as it's beautiful! You can see in this video.

Tuesday 19th May
Have a drive around and take some photos at the amazing viewpoints. You get to see the island from a wonderful perspective!

Wednesday 20th March
The gyms are back open so maybe it's time to move that quarantine body and get some exercise?!

Thursday 21st May
Maybe a hike roundabout all the waterfalls of Koh Phangan? Then you can go and support some local businesses by visiting some restaurants for lunch and dinner.

Friday 22nd May
Rent a car and see the island in comfort with a group of friends or family! Put on some music and enjoy travelling in a bit more comfort and safer and easier than renting a moped. Our cars can be rented daily, weekly or monthly.
In a car it is much easier to go over the Haad Rin hills then we recommend that you take the boat over to one of the 3 amazing beaches just around the corner!
Had Yuan, Had Tien, Why Nam! Had Tien for a weekend trip? Lots of beautiful unique resorts on these beaches! A must do weekend trip!!


Saturday 23rd May
Take a day around Phangan and see the temples! The intriguing and interesting exhibition not to be missed at the Wat Samai Khongka! Go to ring the big Chinese Bell that brings you luck for the next year in the Chinese Temple on the way to Chaloklam. 

Thong Sala Walking Street market from 4 pm to 9 pm is rumoured to come back soon, maybe this week? We don't know yet but we'll let you know! You can find the street if you drive towards Thong Sala and instead of turning right after Homemart you continue straight forward, on a Saturday it is easy to spot as the road is sectioned off and many motorbikes are parked around the entrance.

It is an eclectic market place where you can find exactly what you need or go without any intentions to just wander around and see what takes your fancy whilst snacking on local delicacies.

If it is closed, the street still has many unique shops that are open!

Sunday 24th May
Lovely lazy Sundays on Koh Phangan!

Maybe go have a nice Sunday dinner with your family or friends.

We help you with accommodation and tickets or tours around Phangan from Local Authentic adventures to Kite surfing course or boat tours and if you like, you can choose a tour from Bangkok and back.