Hike to hike

10 Feb 2019

Here are several hike trails on Koh Phangan. Through the jungles to the Bottle beach, to the viewpoints and waterfalls. But the longest and toughest oneis to the peak of the islands highest mountain Khao Ra.


Before the hike Ive heard and read a lot of reviews on this trail. And most of them were full of disappointment.

Because not many people were that impressed by the view from the top.

And now after climbing it myself, I can say: if you want to hike it to just to see the view, you totally shouldnt do it.

And heres why.


The trail starts in the middle of the forest. You need to pay entrance fee20 THB (but that includes a small bottle of watersomething you will really appreciate but we recommend bringing a bigger bottle of your own).


Then the road starts up. And its not an easy onedeep canyons, holesyou really have to step carefully. Then you cross small bridge over a waterfall and get going. But what at first seems to be the road to the topisnt it. It brings you to a sign that trail only starts and its length is 1,5 km.

Seems to be not such a long way. But in the jungles, where the trail goes almost vertically up, where the stairs are the roots of the trees and you have to go under fallen trees or climb the rocks, its a really, I mean a really long distance.


And its not a very touristic route (probably because its hard-core), so all the way up I was hiking completely alone. Listening only to crickets and blood pressure in my ears.


Somewhere on the half road it hit mehiking as a weird form of meditation, you think about nothing, concentrate on the breathing. So you hike to hike and not to get a reward in the form of nice view.


So when I finally reached the top it was like seeing light in the end of a tunnel.

From up there you can see a nice panorama of Chaloklum Bay and lots of green. The viewpoint is wild, the place is just what it is. Only coins left by other hikers remind you that its a place of interest.

To hike down is always easier. But not here. You can take another trailand do the loop around the mountain. I was already tired, my legs were shaking. I was trying go faster to get to my bike, but that lead to slipping down.

But the scariest moment was when I lost the trail. It suddenly disappeared and all I could see were the untouched jungles. The most pacifying thought was that I couldnt be eaten by some wild animal, because I myself was the biggest animal here.

So I figured out that the best idea was to go down with a stream. And it took me back to the waterfall where I started the hike. But 3 hours and 9 kilometers later.


So I enjoyed the track. But probably it would be a better idea to  hike with someonenot alone. Because I could vividly imagine myself falling down, breaking the leg and surviving alone in the middle of nowhere.