The Bucket List - Drink a Coconut

15 Sep 2019

What are the things YOU MUST DO whilst on Koh Phangan?! Here we present to you The Bucket List!

Get your new travelling buddies together, grab your bike or a taxi, take your camera to post on Instagram and create incredible memories each time you tick one off!

Number Nine - Drink a Coconut

Coconut water is the clear liquid that hides inside a coconut and you will notice coconuts growing all around you in Thailand.

The water naturally present in young coconuts has full advantages and is really healthy, they have a very high nutritional value and nutritional treasure with very many respects.

Coconuts are amazing to drink after a night out partying as they are full of natural electrolytes that will help you rehydrate!

Among other things, young coconut water contains sugar, vitamins, electrolytes, minerals, fiber and many antioxidants. 

Consumption is recommended for everyone, and here on Koh Phangan you can get them to drink directly from the nut!

Drinking coconuts can be enjoyed on the beaches here on Koh Phangan, you couldn’t ask for a more perfect setting to enjoy this delicious and healthy tropical treat!