Where to relax and prepare before a Full Moon Party

11 Jan 2019

Im pretty sure that 99% of people who visit koh Phangan is to attend to Full Moon Party! (could be on most of your guys bucket list!). Because yeah if youre coming here to koh Phangan and you didnt go to Full Moon Party its like youre not even here yet... so before you go to get crazy and wasted there, these places that I'm going to tell you would be perfect for you to get yourself ready for one of the most craziest party in the world!

Chaloklum beach
One of the best places to relax so far. You can just sit on the beach to chill your day out, listen to the waves sounds, enjoy the fresh air or jump into the sea and let yourself go with the waves. You can even bring a ball to play on the beach here!

Paradise beach
White and soft sands, not so much people, not too noisy, sounds perfect eh? Plus there is one bar next to the beach so you can enjoy your cold beer or fresh fruits shake during the visit! They also have a beach volleyball court provided for you if you feel like to do some sport.

Paradise waterfall
If you dont wanna go to the beach, waterfall would be a good solution for you. Surrounded by mother of nature in the middle of the jungle. Dip your feet or jump into the cold water, refresh your body and your mind and appreciate the birds chirping sounds.