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The joys of middle of the night snacking at 7/11

10 Jul 2016

Who hasnt visited 7/11 for a middle of the night snack before? If you havent you are in the minority.


Whilst we at Phanganist encourage everybody to buy local products by local people here on Koh Phangan sometimes at two or three AM its hard to find somewhere to buy a quick hot snack. There are 24 hour restaurants available on the island but sometimes these can be a bit of a trek in the middle of the night.

So we can guarantee most visitors and residents on Koh Phangan, and indeed many places in the whole of Thailand, the 7/11 Toastie can provide the supper you need before bedtime. 7/11 also provides those essentials that cannot be found anywhere else at 3am.


There are the infamous cheese and ham toasties to pork burgers with cheese and bacon if you feel like something a bit more gourmet. Pulled pork sandwiches and chicken burgers and all manner of other varieties of hot quick fast food sandwiches. There are ice cold milkshakes and ice coffees, milk, and emergency smokes if you have ran out of these late at night. There is of course more beer if you are going home with a few friends after a night's partying. All at very fair prices.

After a night out these small supermarkets are a very important part of life on Koh Phangan. The staff are always friendly, the air con hits you like an ice cold snowstorm as soon as you walk in, and there is always a friendly dog to pet outside, (although the dog is probably expecting a little piece of your sandwich too).


The staff always say hello and are very friendly people so please be nice and patient with them as you may find others in the queue, who have got the same hunger or thirst pang as you, even at 3 in the morning.


There is a wide range of munchies available, bread, toothpaste, deodorant and even those essentials for some safe lovemaking which you may not have at home and desperately need immediately or for the morning.

Outside the 7/11’s are usually little pancake stalls and fried chicken and pork vendors so please take advantage of these also as there is some great freshly cooked food available for you.


For those with a sweet tooth there are many candies available (usually on the bottom shelf so the children can see them), and if you haven't tried one yet there is a chocolate pudding in the fridge that is heated up to create a gorgeous chocolatey gooey snack for you.


If you need a ‘pick me up’ then of course there is the infamous energy drinks if you need that little push in the day or night time. These products definately do the job!


As there is the food market in Thong Sala and many fine restaurants and cafes on the island we encourage you to try somewhere new as much as possible but if it is 3 in the morning and you are hungry or have ran out of an essential then you all know where to go, 24 hours a day!


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