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Hostel Life - Tips to Get the Most from Your Stay!

11 Jul

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Hostel life may be new to you, it could be your first time travelling far from home and you want to join in with the true backpacker experience and save money of course!

You may be very well used to Hostel Life, you’ve been travelling for many years and know the tricks for a good night's sleep, you know it can be noisey but you also understand the great social aspects of staying in a hostel.

The standard of dormitory is going up everywhere in the world yet we bet you can still find horrible stereotypical ones with uncomfortable bunk beds and smelly feet but we hope you don’t ever have to stay in them.

We have a certain standard here at Phanganist, after 7 years online we now have our physical platform which is partnered with Drop In Bar; Phanganist Hostel. We opened in December 2016 and like to think of ourselves as High Standard Flashpacker accommodation with our privacy curtains, newly built furniture and swimming pool, yet still giving you the social aspects of being in a hostel at an affordable price. So it would only be natural to use us as an example when we give you these tips.

Although they can be used in other Hostels of course!

Sleep is going to be one of the big things here, especially if you are used to sleeping on your own. We would recommend getting some earplugs, you may find that not every person in the dorm room is a sleeping beauty, lots of people snore, more so when drunk. So to help rid yourself of these noises just pop in some ear plugs!

You are sharing accommodation at the end of the day and snoring, as annoying as it is, is a natural common occurrence so you can’t really complain to them (or the hostel) about it I’m afraid. Hence your saviours, the humble earplugs!

If you can deal with noise when you sleep but not of the snoring kind then you can try out headphones with some nice soothing music or maybe a speaking book!

Another great thing is an eye mask! Luckily at Phanganist you have your own privacy curtain and light but other people may be using theirs so if you are sensitive to light when you sleep you can put on your eye mask for a nice bit of darkness.

Bringing something from home may be a nice comfort if you find it weird sleeping in a different bed. It could be a small pillow or blanket from your own bed or a piece of clothing even, that smells and feels like home, sounds a bit wussy but these reminders can be comforting when you’re trying to sleep away from home and surrounded by strangers.

We’re going to stay in the dorm room with this next issue; personal space. No matter how big the room is you’re still going to be sharing the space with other people.

Be polite but tell people if they’re being too messy or dirty for you, it’s better to tell them direct rather than to whinge to hostel management or with a review because remember this isn’t the hostel’s fault, it’s the other paying guests.

Mark your territory, you need your personal space as much as the next person and no one is gonna be offended by this but obviously don’t take over, you each have the right to your little zone of comfort. Hopefully you’ll all get on so these things won’t matter and you’ll all have a mutual understanding without the need to say anything.

Make use of your flip flops outside in different areas, the floors can be slippery near the showers and toilets and you don’t want to slip and hurt yourself!

Learn to share, you’ll receive so much back in return. Whether it is sharing beauty products, soap or sunscreen, other people may have things you can borrow back such as a different outfit which is always nice after you have worn every outfit you bought already for a night out.

You can also share your recommendations for other destinations, secret tips on where to go or how to get somewhere, you will get the vital information that you may need in return for this.

Remember to have fun and relax, take everything with a pinch of salt and these stays in a hostel will build your strength as a person in the long run. Make friends with the staff if you can, especially if you are staying there for longer than usual. They can give you the best advice and take you possibly to some cool places that other backpackers wouldn’t get to experience!

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