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Fairy Tale and Fantasy with Elena of 'Flura Natura' Fashion Design

9 Apr

Flura Natura is a brand created by designer Elena, she will showcase some of her creations at Phanganist Hostel on Full Moon Day April 11th. Read about her influences and inspiration in our interview...

Tell us your koh phangan story...
I came to Koh Phangan for the first time 7 years ago. I have lived here for a long time, I left and returned many times.


I'm a designer of clothes for the theatre and shows and this means I need a base for creativity, some technique and materials. I like to live and make my art on Koh Phangan.

Did you study to be a fashion designer?
I used to live and work in Moscow. I graduated from a very prestigious design academy. I created costumes for many theatres and groups, in particular those who work with firework and fire dancing, fluorescent and LED light staff.

Together with a group of other designers we also made interiors in many Russian nightclubs. Painted the walls and decorated  the spaces at festivals; most of it was followed with Blacklight lamps, rather similar with the style of the Ban Sabai. I like to go there a lot, it's very beautiful.

When people wear luminous, psychedelic, as well as stylish clothes, there is a full correspondence with the design of the club and there is a feeling of being in a fairy tale; in another, magical world.

What is the concept of your designs?
This beauty causes ecstatic feelings in people. I like to give people this aesthetic pleasure. The name of my label - ‘Flura Natura’ speaks of a combination of all things natural and fluorescent.

Where do you get your inspiration?
In nature, there are luminous species of plants and animals, living mostly high in the mountains or deep in the seas.

I love nature, I come from a megapolis and I've always dreamed of living in nature.

Does Koh Phangan inspire you?
Here on Koh Phangan every day I admire the beauty of nature, pure clear air, gentle sea. I love this island also for the fact that life during the season is like an endless festival because of the huge number of parties and a variety of esoteric events. It’s very interesting, advanced and creative people with great experience come here.

I am also pleased to see that the quality of events in Koh Phangan is growing. And I hope my art will contribute to this process.

You will have a Fashion show at Phanganist on Full Moon day 11th April, what will you be showcasing?
At my show I plan to show my glowing fluorescent collection called Psy Cabaret. It will be magical!

How do you want people to feel in your creations?
I want people to look beautiful and magical. So everyone would feel like heroes in a fairy tale or a fantasy.

What are your plans for the next year?
I would like more cultural events in the life of Koh Phangan. Performances, theatrical and carnival events, for which I would create costumes!

I work in different styles: boho, tribal, post-apocalypse, futuristic, etc. I make clothes for the parties and next season I also want to open my shop.

Join us from 8pm on April 11th to see this wonderful show!

Follow Elena on Instagram with #fluranatura

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