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The Not So Secret Tour with Phanganist on Koh Phangan

17 Jun

Join us as we inspire you on your journey to Koh Phangan. Are you wondering what will be in store for you, the tranquil beaches that you may not know exist here, some awe inspiring viewpoints and experiences with loved ones and friends.

The island is famous for its party, yet it truly is one of the most perfect paradises that you will have the chance to visit, luckily still somewhat untouched as a lot of it is protected land.

In the Northeast part of the island, although a bit of a drive away (compared to other parts) you really can escape the crowds and indulge in some real paradise beach vibes and breathtaking views. Thong Nai Pan Noi is the first beach you will get to, it is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island and this is exactly why you will find some of the island’s most exclusive resorts here.

Expect to maybe have to buy a drink or food, yet the sea is great to swim in and you can pretend you are on a luxury escape just for a few hours if you want.

Thong Nai Pan Yai however which is further on has retained most of its fishing village charm and is a lot less touristy yet equally as beautiful. Here you can also find some high viewpoint bars to go chill at, breath in some high air and admire the tropical vast views that will stay with you forever.

When you are ready to leave this glorious part of the island, on your way back down you can stop off and visit Than Sadet. This area is famous for its Monitor Lizards, the restaurant near the river feeds the lizards and so this is why you can almost be guaranteed a sighting as there are lots that can be found hanging around and swimming in the river here.

The beach here is also fantastic and never gets too crowded, it is small yet calm and you can walk and discover the rocks on the left side as well as the right for even more views and photo opportunities of course!

To finish off your day in proper Koh Phangan style you’ll probably want to go and relax and watch the sunset somewhere. There are loads of ‘sunset bars’ on the island for you to chose from depending on what you want, or you can just go to the beach.

The good thing about the sunset bars is that most of them are up high and so you get a great panoramic view of this amazing sundown, with all the colours of the rainbow, it could be a purple/pink one or it could be a striking red/orange sunset, who knows...but it will be beautiful that is guaranteed.

After spending an hour or two gazing into the sky you’ve probably worked up a bit of an appetite, so head to the Food Market in Thong Sala to fill yourself up with a selection of delicious Thai food or other cuisines which are offered there.

Make up your own tour and join us on our next adventure with a Phanganist Hostel tour! We’ll be glad to show you some more amazing places on the island, enjoy!


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