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The Art of Deconditioning - Rebirthing Fundamentals Workshop


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Rebirthing is a powerful and uniquely effective tool of transformation. It is a complete system in itself – the different tools/techniques are already transformative on their own.
However, to attain the greatest benefits, it is highly recommended to use each tool as they complement one another and together bring extra potency to the Rebirthing process.

Transformation means that we let go of anything that is less than our already perfect, radiant, loving, and lovable nature – and in so doing we become our best, most authentic version of ourselves. We are already our best version – better to say we embody our best version – but it is covered up through social conditioning and childhood adaptations to stress, dysfunction, and trauma.
Usually what we have to let go of are certain limiting beliefs based on past experiences, the emotions attached to those experiences, and the patterns (thoughts plus emotions) we have subsequently etched into the physical body as well and hold onto at a deep cellular level.

Previous experiences constitute those from various areas of our lives: birth, childhood, school, relationships with parents and other significant adults, intimate relationships, even past lives.
The root causes of limiting beliefs are based on some fundamental experiences related to (at least) one of these areas of in one’s life. Since the different areas are connected and interconnected, the impact of those beliefs can be detected in the other areas as well.
One of the reasons Rebirthing is so powerful is because we gradually and systematically scan through each area, learning and understanding where our shadow parts reside, focusing on integrating them, and thus allowing the transformation to happen.
Another explanation for the power of Rebirthing is that, since each area is connected to every other, transforming any of those limiting beliefs has an impact on every other area.

We have designed a structure addressing the different areas of one’s life to facilitate this systematic scanning. Each TantraRebirth module covers one important area of the human experience and complements each of the others.
The modules are ordered in a way such that some are based on others and in those cases, one module will form a prerequisite for the other.

TantraRebirth Fundamentals is a five-day course. The days will be consecrated to three hours of theory and three hours of breathwork, with four full sessions of “dry” Rebirthing breathwork, or non-water sessions, held during the course. Theory sessions will address the topics:
- An understanding of the nature of the mind, beliefs generally,
and our core limiting beliefs
- How to directly access our core beliefs
- How to transform thoughts/ beliefs
- Secrets for mastering the mind
- A solid understanding of Rebirthing breathwork
- Experiences of non-ordinary states of consciousness
through breathwork
- Experiences of receiving a breathwork session within a
group under the guidance of the facilitator (Chandra)
- Experiences of holding space for someone else within the
group during a breathwork session under the guidance of the

Participants can expect the following benefits:
- More awareness of one’s own thoughts
- More understanding of interpersonal dynamics
- Getting in touch with the Witness within
- Destress, unblock emotional energy, reversed negative
- Rejuvenation and better physical health
- Greater empathy with others and more compassion with
- Acquiring tools to take home for continuing transformation

Daily schedule:
9-12 pm & 3.30-6.30 pm

Location: Genesis Yoga Hall Srithanu,Koh phangan

Course tuition:

Early-bird (when payed before 29.December)
USD 285,-/ THB 9500,-

Regular price (when payed after 4.December)
USD 310,- / THB 10.300,-

Check out what Rebirthing participants have to say about their experience: / testimonials

Registration, booking:
via paypal vs. bank transfer vs. cash

For questions, booking, personal advice please contact or 0633 067 993

Tantra Rebirth
29 Jan 09:00

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