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The History of the Full Moon Fire Rope!

6 Jan

The fire rope is famous all over the world, the hot flaming skipping rope that you may dare to try or be amazed at!

We wanted to know where this crazy tradition came from so we asked owner of another legend of Full Moon, Pi Toh the owner of Drop In Bar.

The fire rope’s beginnings started 19 years ago when there was stormy weather which would create big waves. The beach the next day would have fishing ropes from the boats which had washed in. Some tourists noticed this rope and started to use it as a skipping rope.

Always thinking of new fun things for the Full Moon Party the idea came about of ‘why not set this rope on fire?!’ and so it was born.

For 19 years now this tradition happens every Full Moon at Drop In Bar on Haad Rin Beach, the event takes place at 9pm for about an hour and you can see from the big circular crowd of people that it’s a popular event to watch or even take part in.

The rope is controlled by 4 people who know how to do this stunt. Based on the person they will either wing it slow or fast and have to judge whether it is safe for someone to take part. Water guns are always close in case of an accident.

Next time you're at Full Moon or when you go, make sure to check out the fire rope now you know its humble beginnings from the fishing ropes.

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