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The Ultimate Party Recovery Guide!

31 May

Feeling a bit peaky or worn down after this epic week of partying? Ha-ha no problem, we are here to help!

All of that booze, cheap or the good stuff is gonna take its toll on your body and your mind no matter how young or old you are. You might of ‘done some things you shouldn’t’ of too and be feeling a little emotionally insecure. Those feet of yours will more than likely need some tender loving care after all the dancing and trekking along the beach so now is the time to rejuvenate and get yourself back to feeling normal so as to enjoy the rest of your time on Koh Phangan!

Your mind may be be a bit weak, you might have a headache and emotion will be running high but try to rest and have a laugh with your friends cause most people will be feeling exactly the same.

We have some tips on how to deal with ‘The Fear’ if you seem to have it. It’s better to prevent the fear but we have some advice on post partying if you need it such as apologising straight away for bad behaviour, not sitting around and wallowing and of course just laughing about it!

The most common thing you’ll need to recover from though is of course the dreaded hangover, a hangover from maybe 7 days of drinking which we want you to overcome in just one day of course! It is doable but you need to focus on relaxing and not doing anything strenuous for a whole 24 hours, just chill and let your body recover and detox.

You may not feel like eating straight away if you have a hangover or you’re the opposite and want to eat for the whole day but maybe start with a fruit shake, something nice and cold, essential vitamins from the fruit you choose and it will be a nice ease in for your stomach.

Then get a group together and treat yourself to a fry up or whatever takes your fancy where you can also use the time to reminisce and laugh at each other about the antics from the night before.

If you’re staying with us at Phanganist Hostel then enjoy our pool or take advantage of Phangan’s amazing nature and go in the sea for a swim. A bit of gentle exercise will make you feel alive again and your body will be refreshed from being in the water plus you will stay cool.

You can also go to the sauna and sweat it out! Koh Phangan has a few nice saunas including herbal ones. It’s going to be hot in there but your body will sweat out all of the toxins from those buckets you’ve been drinking which will help you recover quicker.

During these crazy few days on the island you’ll have been trying to fit in as much as you can if you’re only here for a short time. Enjoy your resort, lay on a sun lounger and read a book, take a nap if needed, sit on the beach in the shade or just spend the day at home by yourself or with your loved ones. Make the most of having a day just doing nothing.

Koh Phangan is a hub of health and wellbeing as well as party rave heaven. You can find all sorts of treatments and detox programs on the island so maybe stay a little longer to rejuvenate yourself back to full force.

Remember to drink a ton of water, we mean a lot, like literally keep a bucket of it near you at all times, this is a much more healthy way to use those little plastic buckets! Hopefully you’ll be right as rain in just 24 hours but if not continue this process the next day or do a little each day if you have a week left to spend here...enjoy!




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