Balkan Madness - event by Lovezilla


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11 Dec 14:00

Retro Mountain

Lovezilla brings you a Balkan experience with balkan food, Raja Fairies a DJ set by WOLF with some amazing Oriental, Balkan, World Fusion and Electro Swing tunes. This will be a night to remember!

5PM - Balkan food (ćevapćići, chvapchichi), open bar

6PM - Sunset live music from Israel

7PM - Ivan Ivo Martinetti Balkan

8PM - Raja Fairies Orkestra (balkan, gipsy, klezmer madness)

10:30PM - DJ set by WOLF (Oriental, Balkan, World Fusion, Electro Swing) with LOVEZILLA LASERS and LIGHTS show

LOVEZILLA always brings you the best quality sound because we fully understand the importance of it. Playing music through substandard speakers or any media device will diminish the quality of enjoyment. So to achieve the highest level of positive experience it is essential to get the best of the music being played.

Raja Fairies Orkestar have been rehearsing for months and sometimes as long as 7 hours per session. This is going to be EPIC. There has never been a band like this on Koh Phangan, it is a privilege to have it here. It was by miracle that these 6 musicians who all play the same style of music met at this small island. Highly complex musical structures and personalities capable of creating dance atomic explosion!

400b (discount before 7pm)

The list is already filling up, and due to the strikt government covid rules the space is limited, so if you would like to reserve your tickets and avoid the risk of not being able to get in, you can do the following:

Step 1 - Send 400b to the following Bangkok Bank account 6970162241
Step 2 - Send the confirmation with your full name to 062-645-9711

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