Tommy Gun - The Coolest in the South

20 Aug 2015

Tommy Gun, the Coolest in the South

Age: 3
Gender: Male
Human friend name? ;) ... Linda

When did you meet your Human friend and how was it?
I met her after a fashion show where I was the most famous face of the show of course. Everybody loves me! I have many human fans. I was around the island a lot before I chose to stay with this human. Every girl who sees me falls in love with me immediately!

What is your favourite food?
I just like to eat with you.

1 bite for me 1 bite for you! No veggies but eggshells OK

What makes you most happy?
When Troels ( my pack buddy ) and I are ganging with the family and showing how cool we are!

What do you like to do to when you see your human friend coming back?
I run as fast as I can to the bike and jump on it and try to kiss her meanwhile the rest of my gang ( pack ) jumps around and tries to push me away. But I am focused on putting that kiss on her face so mostly I get to kiss her before the others!!

Do you like to go to the beach and get into the water?
I did when I was younger, but now Im afraid my cool teenage beard would get out of shape. It seems like too much trouble. It is not that I am afraid of the water of course.

Do you have dog friends from the hood?
I have my gang! My Human calls it my doggie family or puppy pack, I just prefer to say gang!
We are 6 in our gang so we are really cool and quite big. We show of a lot in the neighborhood, and my best friend is the biggest in our gang. I do everything he tells me to and I help him all I can. I'm not so good on my own with the neighbor dogs actually. I like more when Me and Troels show of and I can parade around and make funny sounds

What is your most favourite Chillaxing spot?
I dig a hole in the sand .. that's kind a cool I think


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