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Let us help you Recover from an Epic Week of Partying…

14 May 2017

So we’ve told you how to prepare yourself for a week of partying on Koh Phangan and so we owe it to you to try to help you recover!

Although the party never really stops here on the island with small venues always offering you top quality DJs throughout the month, there is no doubt about the fact that Full Moon week is when most people will party night after, day after day.

Let’s start with those horrid hangovers, you may not feel it the very next day but after a few back to back parties it will catch up with you and you don’t want it to ruin the rest of your trip.

Obviously there are painkillers you can take but there are also natural ways to help you banish that foggy feeling or sickness…

Here’s some tips;

Drink lots of water
Electrolytes from coconuts
Eat bananas
Fill up on carbs
Take a hot or cold shower
Have a little sleep/nap
Light exercise

You can read more in depth about these remedies in our article here.

Once you have got rid of your hangover you may still be feeling a bit ‘meh’ and we don’t want that now do we?!

So here are some other ways you can bring some relief to yourself;

Have a fruit shake
Go have breakfast or lunch with your friends
Go for a swim
Go to the sauna
Have a massage
Just ‘be’

More ideas can be found here.

If all else fails you can always carry on the party or go to bed, remember you are always welcome to come for a hug at Phanganist Hostel!