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The Heat Is On! - Heatwave Times on Koh Phangan and How to Deal with it

7 May

We’re well into the hottest months of the year here on Koh Phangan, this coincides with the times of Low Season for understandable reasons.

Although it is in fact a great time to come visit here, with much less people, it can be uncomfortably hot in the daytime.

Make sure to wear sunglasses, hats, lots of reapplied sunscreen and to spend time in a cool swimming pool!

You’ll even notice that the island’s dog and cat population take it easy in the scorching temperatures of the day, They find their way into your house or bungalow in the hot daytime, only to have lots of energy when the night arrives with its cooling air.

Here’s some tips on how to deal with the heat;

Start your day early
The morning time is cooler, you may not be ‘the early bird that catches the worm’ who is up and about at 6am, but starting your day a little earlier will help you to make the most of it.
You can get stuff done before the intense midday sun and then…

Lunchtime rest
There is a reason why siestas are popular in warm countries and you will often see the local Thais taking an afternoon nap.

Even if you can’t sleep, take a nice rest, lay in a hammock and relax for a couple of hours.

Cold showers
The cold shower will become your best friend! This will help cool down your body temperature or even better if you’re near the sea, then jump in there!!!

Quality instead of quantity
There may be lots of places you want to visit and things to do but plan your day to do this at ease rather than rushing around and not actually experiencing the essence of these places and activities.

Pretty obvious but wear light clothing, cotton is the best as it helps the skin breath and the body heat to escape. But remember modesty, especially if visiting a temple or immigration.
It is a good idea to wear a hat and if you’re on a boat for the day then long sleeves are recommended so that you don’t get sunburned.

Lots of Fluids
Remember loads of fluids!!! The increased dust on the roads in this period will help to remind you naturally ;) 
Gradual dehydration can happen of a period of three to four days so to avoid this happening you need to be drinking about five or six litres of fluid a day.
The heat can also suck the sodium out of you so add a bit of salt to your food and drink coconuts water which is a natural electrolyte.

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