Alternative traveling

7 Oct 2018

Traveling is such an enriching experience that once you start it’s very difficult to stop. That’s why some of us choose to keep doing it over and over again. The problem is that, in the long run, it can become quite expensive; especially if you´re not one of those lucky people who get to work while on the road.

Luckily, there are some ways to make long-term traveling a bit more affordable and, from my experience, much more exciting. These are the three ways I found to make my trip more budget-friendly.


Let’s start with my favourite. What do I mean by volunteering? Basically that you offer some of your skills in exchange for accommodation. You don't even need to be specialised in anything; if you have a good disposition to learn new things, you´ll definitely find a place where you can be of help.

There are many perks to this type of travelling. Firstly, of course, you save some money on accommodation; but that’s just part of it. From my experience, a good way to make long-term traveling more rewarding is to make it meaningful. Having goals or things you seek to achieve makes you connect with places in a different way: you’re not just there, you are using the experience for something greater. The best part: you meet great people when you are working for a common cause.

Options are endless when it comes to volunteering as you travel. You just have to check with the country where you want to go and see what options they have available. Some international NGOs have great volunteering programs all around the world. There are also some internet platforms dedicated to connect hosts and volunteers who have similar interests. It’s just a matter of finding what suits you best.


This platform has been around for many years now. It’s a web page that connects travellers who are on the road with those who can offer accommodation for free. Nowadays it has become more popular and more people use it just to get free accommodation; but the original idea behind it still stands: connecting people who love to travel.

Couchsurfing allows you to meet locals, see cities from a non-touristic point of view and, what is best, to make friends all over the world. Many users say they keep in contact with their hosts after leaving; they meet somewhere else in the world or host them in their own homes.


This one is as old as traveling itself so there is no need to explain it. Let’s jump to the benefits. First of all, you will see places you normally wouldn’t visit. Sometimes you have to change your itinerary depending on the rides you get. This allows you to reach towns and cities that are outside of the touristic radar. Also, each ride is a new experience; you’ll hear wonderful stories of people who spend their time on the road. You will change the pace of your journey and go slower, but in a good way. It may take you longer to get from one place to another but that’s just because the journey will no longer be about visiting random places, but about the road itself. As I see it, hitchhiking is a great expression of people helping people.

In the end, if you want to travel there's always a way. And sometimes smaller budgets make for better experiences. So pack your bags and start your journey. See you on the road!

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