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Camping on Koh Phangan and Surround

10 Feb

Camping is a cheap way of giving yourself opportunities to face real life, push your limits and enjoy finding ways to overcome difficulties, and of course to enjoy nature. It is another type of survival by using your resources efficiently and wisely.

Do you feel the great nature of Koh Phangan is calling you for camping, is it possible to resist this calling? So where can we camp on Koh Phangan?

Firstly, you can think of beaches. It is important to take water level increases at late nights into consideration so you should pitch your tent far away from the water by checking the mark of waves made in the previous night. Otherwise, you could wake up by the touch of sweet Thailand’s Gulf whilst sleeping!

On the other hand, you should find a remote beach away from people and also check that it is ok so as to not take risk of pitching your tent in a place with high possibility for an offence.

Some commercial businesses may be part of the beach so it will not be public but their private property. In these instances they will ask you for a fee to pitch your tent.

As a result, it is better to discover secret beaches for camping. Koh Phangan hides many secret beaches in its body. Let’s discover them guys!

Like beaches, there are many virgin or remote places waiting to be discovered in Koh Phangan if you focus on this. Actually, there is no need to find remote places if everybody is relaxed with camping. You can also pitch your tent on a nice roof or in a nice garden if you find the right place or people. You can camp everywhere actually, you just need to be careful about not hurting any living being around you.

As we know, camping is, like everything in this life, up to your tastes, priorities' and settled thoughts in your mind. Koh Phangan is full of natural beauties and opportunities for camping if you are open and ready to see them. Snakes, scorpions etc are only excuses if you are not close to their close environment. They are also afraid of you, you know.


Everybody knows the first reactions of living beings when they encounter a danger: run or fight. Mostly they will run however, you should know that they will choose to fight if you hurt them or their home consciously or unconsciously. Don’t worry' you are not potential food for them. Human beings showed its power millions of years ago. Just pitch your tent by checking the environment carefully, if you are able to hurt any living being or not. You do not need to be worried for the rest. If you are still anxious, make a controlled fire near your tent so they will not come close to you.

For camping you can check national parks on Koh Phangan if you are interested in being in the wild, non institutionalised areas. Some of them provide camping equipment, restaurants, showers, toilets. For example; Muh Koh Angthong Marine Park.

'There are six simple bungalows and camping tents available for rent at the Park Headquarters on Koh Wua Talab, where a simple restaurant is found as well. Though the park has started to get busy with day-trippers in the peak season, the Ang Thong islands remain the postcard-perfect image of a tropical paradise’.

The park headquarters is located on Ko Wua Talap, which has basic bungalow accommodation, a visitor center, first aid tent and kayaks for rent to get you around the beautiful scenery of the 42 tropical islands.

You can rent a tent for 2 for 250 baht. You can also bring your own tent and camp at the campground. But you will almost always find a tent to rent.
Another option is Haad Nam Tok:

'Haad Nam Tok means ‘Waterfall Beach’, and there is indeed a waterfall which flows down to this beach. It is a beautiful small beach on the East Coast of Koh Phangan that few people have heard of' and difficult to reach there.

To get there you have to take the jungle path at the sign that says Kung Bungalows on the Ban Tai to Thong Nai Pan Road. You can get the bike, if you drive very carefully, to within 1km or so of the beach. You then have to park up and walk down to the beach.

On the beach there are a couple of tents to hire and a bar that is sometimes open. There are no resorts, no shops, and no internet connection. Just a perfect white sand beach great for swimming’.

Everybody can find a place to camp if they are really in interested in it. Listen to yourself and you will find the answer about what kind of place you are looking for.

Written by guest writer Ferhan Kunduracıoğlu


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