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Top 10 Reasons For Staying in a Hostel on Koh Phangan

21 Jan 2017

When you come to Koh Phangan and step off the ferry, the first thing you are likely to be greeted with is a friendly face or two from different places offering accommodation around the island.

Often they will throw in  a discounted taxi ride to their place. But, wait! Have you explored all the options?

We want to share our top ten reasons for staying in a hostel here on Koh Phangan.  Get the most out of your Koh Phangan Experience…..

  1. Find information on where to go, what to see, what to do

When you arrive to this lovely island you may be thinking “where shall I go?...

what are the best things to do here…the best things to see”?

Staying at a hostel is the best way to find the answers to these questions. Hostels choose staff who are friendly, helpful and information. Your hostel reception will be able to tell you where to explore, give some inside tips on great hang-out spots on the island and you’ll be able to sit in comfort to talk about this without any pressure from anyone trying to sell you anything.

  1. Find people to do it with…..

A lot of people travel around South East Aisa solo and staying at a hostel means you’ll be surrounded by people just like you on their own adventure. So, you can not only find out what to do but more than likely find people to do it with it! All travellers are on their own journey but why not explore together?

  1. Feel at home - find a base

It can be discombobulating hopping on ferry’s, night buses and boats across Thailand! Find a base at a hostel. Once you get settled into a hostel and know a few faces you’ll feel much more relaxed to go off and explore to your heart’s content. You know that at the end of the day there’ll be tunes on and people sat around the bar to share a beer and your stories with..

  1. Check promotions - be a savvy traveller

Lots of hostels have promotions on at different times, such as after full moon parties here on Koh Phangan. Do your research before you arrive and find out if you can a good deal!

  1. Save money!

Dormitory accommodation is usually cheaper than staying in your own bungalow or a hotel… save some baht and put it towards a boat trip, a party ticket or your favourite drink.


6. Meet people - from all over the world

By nature travellers are an adventurous bunch and people staying at hostels reflect this. Guests more often than not span the globe with tons of nationalities coming together in one place. It can be really interesting to get to know people from a culture or country you’ve never encountered before.

7. Find the right vibe for you

Hostels all have their own unique vibe and positive points. Find the one that’s right for you. If you want to party find one that promotes parties, offers taxi services or warm-up events. If you know you like to chill, see if there’s a common area with books, games or sofas in the hostels you look at.

You might simply ‘like the look’ of a place or get the feeling ‘this is the one for me’. Follow your instincts and find your top spot.

8. Go to parties

Lots of hostels have links with the parties here on the island - there’s certainly lots to chose from here on Koh Phangan!

If you’re into the party scene, staying at a hostel is definitely the way to go. With warm-up events, tickets on sale and lots of fellow partiers to join forces with.

9. Expand your confidence!

Especially if you’re solo, but even if you’re travelling with friends, being thrown into a new environment with lots of new people can be daunting! This is actually good for you! You can grow in confidence immensely by stepping into situations that are new, exciting or simply outside your comfort zone.

So when you see that cute guy or girl at that bar - go over! You’re increasing your likelihood of making awesome new friends and meeting new, interesting people by staying at a hostel… building your confidence at the same time too!

10. Check the rules

All hostels have their own rules - whether or not you can bring your own drinks, whether you can have food in the room or not and so on.

Look these up before you go.

Stay safe, be good, be happy and most of all, have fun!

Happy travelling.