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Full Moon Frenzy Fashion!!

22 Nov

The parties have been back this last week on Koh Phangan and that brings with it a host of cool, crazy, bright and scary fashion statements!

The funniest thing about full moon and party fashion is that even the most normal being, the one who lives and works in a suit utilises this opportunity to join the tribe and dress up in the most ludicrous outfit imaginable, because well, it's part of the full moon culture!

The party started at Nomad House for Jungle Experience warm up, this place always has the craziest warm up parties with some of the friendliest vibes on the island.

This lady was brave enough for two buckets! Or maybe she was just posing?

Then it was down to Jungle Experience itself for the first main party to kick off.

These two guys are showing some bro love with their matching 'boxers above trousers' style, actually we thought the one on the left was naked untill we saw it closer!

Full Moon day arrived and we popped down to Infinity to meet the lovely guests there and enjoy their all day happy hour!

Luckilly at Infinity everything is done with taste so you can float around in inflatable tyres and still look pretty cool whilst you sip on cocktails from their matching cups.

Then it was time to fly over the hills down to Haad Rin, even our Sharon came to have some fun at Drop In!

All of the party goers were in fun mode and there was lots of smiling, happy, smiling faces all over the beach.

We like these ladies 'twin style' paintings!

We're always happy to see the guys joining in  the sexy painting too!!

What a legend!

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