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Reasons to Keep Fit and Healthy with Phanganist on Koh Phangan!

6 Mar 2017

We all know that it’s beneficial to exercise, you learn about it in school. Some of us are born to be active while others are not so how can you motivate yourself if you are in the latter category? Well, here at Phanganist we have our very own fitness trainer and certified nutritionist Eva. Eva runs free classes 3 times a week at Phanganist Hostel, yes you are reading correctly...FREE!

But what can you achieve from doing regular exercise? Why is it so important? Although Koh Phangan is a very ‘outdoor’ island we are all guilty of going everywhere on our scooters rather than walking or lazing on the beach rather than going to the gym so sometimes you need motivation…

Possibly the best thing about keeping fit at Phanganist is trainer Eva herself! Eva is a very bright, energetic, positive and funny individual who is warm and welcoming and will make you feel totally at ease no matter what your fitness level.

One of the main reasons people exercise is to lose weight and then also to build muscle so what are the other benefits…

You can improve your memory!
After a few too many parties with all those buckets we all will be in need of this! When you exercise more oxygen and energy gets to your brain which can help.

You will have better posture!
Which in turn makes you look even better as you are exercising the muscles in your back.

More confidence!
Your appearance can change but also your mindset can as well. You will feel more accomplished and better in yourself and you can make new friends also.

Takes away stress!
Hopefully you’re not stressed anyway whilst you are here but by exercising you release natural endorphins and stress fighters and can physically get things off your chest.

Better Sleep!
Seeing as you’re away from home you may not be as used to your alien sleeping arrangements but when you do physical exercise it wears you out a little resulting in better sleep.

More Energy!
Who doesn’t want more energy? Especially while you’re having the trip of a lifetime. More energy to party, play, swim and enjoy this wonderful island.

No Getting Sick!
Help improve your chances of not getting ill whilst on holiday and do some exercise.

Be Happier!
All of this together results in a much happier you! A better quality of life and big smiles whilst on Koh Phangan.

On Monday and Thursdays at 5pm Eva does ‘Total Body Pump’ where she uses a mixture of pilates techniques with aerobics and stretches along with her entertaining sound effects and constant motivation!

On Wednesdays at 5pm she does Aquafit in the swimming pool! This is a fun workout in the water which keeps you nice and cool whilst using the resistance of the water.

Come join us!