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A New kind of Fitness with Alfa Gravity!

5 Nov 2015

There is a very cool new fitness toy here on Koh Phangan, it is called ‘Alfa Gravity’ and has been brought here by Viacheslav Diakov. We met with him to learn more…

What is your Koh Phangan story?

I arrived on Koh Phangan one year ago. My friend told me about this magic place. At that time I was looking for a direction in which I could change my life and I thought life on the island was a good idea, because on this island I can find all that I like. Muay Thai (my old love), many spiritual practices (yoga, meditation etc), a good choice of parties, amazing nature and certainly many interesting people which come to Phangan every year.

What is your history in fitness?

I was always interested in physical development but generally it was martial arts and extreme sports (wake, kite-surfing).

What led you into the Alfa Gravity practice?
One day I had to stop my exercises because of a protrusion in my lower back, and the doctor forbid me to load my spine. After this I started Alfa gravity classes. I tried once and stayed with it until today. During the exercise the condition of my body changed very fast. I became flexible and strong at the same time. It’s amazing, I started to forget about the pain in my spine. On Phangan I continued my Muay Thai training and began to successfully fight in the ring. I have won three times.

What is the history of this practise?

Alfa Gravity is based on old slavic practice. The inventor of the workout, Vladimir Ezersky, explored the effects of the exercise on himself during six years and declared that Alfa Gravity is the equipment for setting of consсiousness, Really!
After the exercise all the people notice an altered state of consciousness. I hear from them "I feel high" or 'light'' or 'clear' or 'fresh'.

Can you explain how it works and what the benefits are....

When the body is positioned vertically, gravitation begins to work. It happens all our life and after 30-35 we can feel it more and more. When we put our body horizontally, the power that destructs us begins to straighten us. Muscle blockages are removed. Joints, tendons, and ligaments become strong. Old trauma and chronic health problems are diminished. Mental (consciousness). Mental blocks are eliminated through the influence of the physical body on the mental one . Thoughts become harmonious and smooth, it's easier to combat daily stress, panic disorder is diminished.

Can anybody try it, even if they are not fit?

Alfa Gravity is for everybody with two hands and two legs. It’s very ecological. You work only with your weight and it’s safe if you listen your instructor. On Phangan I assist a 74-year-old!! He gets trained twice a day, six days a week! What else to say about the safety method?

What do you like to do in your free time?

In my free time I prepare for fights. I spend a lot of time mastering my boxing skills. Sometimes I go freediving. My favorite ‘'sunset place’' is Top Rock bar.

What is your life philosophy?
Life's to short to reside some moments twice.

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