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The Powerful Sexual Energy of 'Kundalini Fire Show' with Vera and Rada

4 Apr

It’s always difficult to interview one of our friends at Phanganist and this is the case for the lovely Vera from ‘Kundalini Fire Show’ along with her friend Rada. So, with some ideas in mind and a bit of catching up to do we have a chat…

“I dance on my power…it is funny because people often ask me for ‘party treats’ at parties when I am performing but I tell them I am on no drinks and no drugs, we like to have the good vibes and energy and we are dancing from love”.

Rada and myself have been just doing the healthy life, before we go to dancing with fire we are resting and eating healthy. We make a warm up doing yoga and stretching before going to perform at a party. I eat raw food, lots of fruit and vegetables…

Why do you and Rada make a good team?
Because Rada, she is very kind and we are feeling together, very understanding of each other when we are working.

We try not to make stress, every time we try to make a comfortable workplace and make the good energy.

If you have something of a good understanding between each other it is good, we try to work on this. We speak after the dancing and try to understand deep from where this problem came if we see any and know we have to fix this. We try to be together consciously and make good vibes and share with love. When we have love energy inside we have something to give to the people watching us which makes them happy.

Your show is sexy compared to others…
Because the sexuality energy is a base energy, I am making it exciting to the people and then they are more open in themselves. they want to get to know each other and it’s a good connection, it gives the love energy between them and I feel myself like this.

I don’t look at what anybody else is doing, everybody has their own way in life, follow your own aim always and if you enjoy what you do then people will enjoy to watch you and be close to you.

We are in love only with the energy of other people, nothing more.

You are using many new fire toys now...
I use fans, hands and sabre, I like the sabre a lot. Sometimes I use levitation stick and crown and also whips!

Rada is using poi, snakes, contact staff, dragon staff and also levi balls.

What is your inspiration?
Again, sexual energy…

Why does this excite you?
It excites everybody!

Ha-ha excellent! What will you do for your performance at Phanganist Hostel for Christ Bursteins Birthday on April 5th?
We will do something like a magic dance together, a magic goddess dance. It will look like a ritual. It’s different from what your guests will normally see.

Sum up your show for people who haven’t seen it….
Magic Erotic Show.

Come to see the magical sexy show Wednesday April 5th from 8pm onwards...

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