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KP Gems with Leo - The Noodle Man

13 Oct 2017

Mr Noodle and his wonderful truck of deliciousness is a bit of a famous thing amongst the Phanganist HQ and Hostel crew. Every day he drives or wheels his truck along the main Ban Tai road, jingles his magical bells and the sound makes everyone stop what they are doing, freeze, and then dash out to the entrance on the side of the road where Mr Noodle awaits with his steaming pot of aromatic soup and noodles.

It’s a great set up, the cooking station is attached to his bike like a sidecar or saleng and this is where the magic happens. The soup is already prepared in a big vat and then he asks you what ingredients you want or if you just want them all!

The items you can choose from are fresh greens, chicken, pork balls, beef, bean sprouts and corn crispy things. Of course you can make it as spicy or not as you like.

Noodle soup is one of those great Thai dishes, you have the delicious flavour of the soup with the textures of crunchy veg and meat plus the addition of noodles to fill you up. The fact that our wonderful noodle man comes to us every day is a real winner and he can come to you too if you stop him as he passes.

Mr Noodle goes all the way along the main Baan Tai road coming in the direction of Big C down to Loi Lay. If he still has soup left in the evening then he resides in Baan Tai nearby to the pier where you can see him too.

It’s these kinds of traditional business and occupation that make us love Koh Phangan even more and even with the introduction of big shops, restaurants and brands we hope that these smaller independent businesses can still keep going.

Try it yourself and we’ll sure you’ll agree!