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A Wild Live Mixture of Music from Reichelt & Raycoux

6 Apr 2016

Hi from Koh Phangan, so have you been before?
Sure, we have been here before and we fell in love. Koh Phangan means sweet memories, beautiful landscapes, good parties and we made a lot of new friends. We are really happy to be back.

And how did you guys start working together?

A lucky accident. Both of us were making music since we were kids.

Nine years ago, when we met we instantly knew we would should start a project together. Now here we are.

Are you looking forward to playing Waterfall party, what have you heard about it?
Absolutely. We have heard heaps about it and loads of DJ friends of ours have played here already.

We are really keen on seeing it for real now.

And what can we expect from your set?

A wild live mixture from our current Album „Circle“. Tech, House, soul, indie. It´s hard to put in words, best is, you come around and get a feeling when we are playing live.

What will be your main projects for 2016?
The Circle Album Tour, to develop more live shows and we are preparing a new album already.

Never rest, always in action.

And what is exciting you in the music scene at the moment?

There are millions and millions of DJs. Never before one could find so many acts, songs and shows.

There is always something to discover. Electronic music seems to be at its peak.

What would you say to aspiring DJs?
Follow your passion, never stop loving music and stay golden.

And leave us with your music philosophy…

We enjoy the moment and just love to see people dance and smile to our music. In these moments, we are completely happy. That's it.