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Keep Healthy During Monsoon Season with Dr Pat

24 Nov 2016

There’s much to look forward to whilst visiting Koh Phangan during this rainy monsoon season and you’re bound to get some scorching sunny days so don’t be put off.

As the climate is changing however there are some things you should take care with so we consulted with our favourite doctor at Bandon Hospital Dr Pat to get some insider medical knowledge for you;

‘It is different weather from Europe and other places around the world whether it is sunny or rainy. Mostly people should take care about catching colds, even during the day here it is easier to get sick’.

Dr Pat informs us that Dengue fever is also more common at this time, you can find advice from Dr Pat on Dengue in a past article.

‘When it is raining it is also easier to get viral infections like colds, dengue, and malaria but that is not common here’.

This is the time when people are more likely to get pneumonia or problems with their lungs but Dr Pat tells us that this doesn’t happen much so don’t panic. Only elderly or weak people are most at risk.

‘Travelers should ensure they are strong and healthy before they come and parents should take care of babies and children’s health’.

Dr Pat suggests for people to prepare themselves and prevention of such things is always better for your health.

‘If you have a cold or virus then check with us what medicine you should use or come and check what it is, the earlier people come and get diagnosed then the earlier we can treat and prevent something serious’.

So just be careful, wrap up if it’s raining and be careful of colds. As always prevention is better than the cure!