LIVE with Paola & Graham from Koh Phangan Dance Community!

12 Feb 2021

Live from today's DJ Stream for the Koh Phangan Dance Community Fundraiser.

We speak to Paola & Graham to see how the atmosphere is where it's all happening and most importantly find out WHY this is all happening!

Koh Phangan is a magic island with so many different communities, all living together, united by its beauty and its energy. A melting pot of people of all ages and nationalities landed here to live and to experience a different life style.

A huge part of this is the dance community which have become bigger and bigger, year after year. From the big party venues to the smallest ones offering high level electronic sets and stunning venues. We are speaking about many many djs, sounds engineers, bartenders, cleaning staff, pr, taxi and boat drivers, supplies shops … an entire economy that is facing, as all the rest of the island is, a drastic drop -in some cases a total stop - in their incomes. A party is an exchange of energy, of love, of freedom, of good vibes.

We want this to be transformed in a long solidarity chain uniting all the dancers, all the party lovers, both here and those now off the island to come together and to take part in the first of many amazing 10 hours long fundraising live stream events. The island resident Djs are not here just sitting in their studios waiting for the events to return.

They want to play an active part in the efforts to help and support the unemployed workers in our paradise, joining 'Koh Phangan Today for Tomorrow' a group composed by numerous and spontaneous groups already active in food distribution and putting in place long term projects. They will do what they do best: playing music and make us fly away with their tunes. Be ready for the best ever fundraising live stream.