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Andrea from Pet Tawan Silver Jewelry

25 Aug 2015

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Andrea left Germany in 1999 to officially live in Thailand and get married here. She works alongside her husband who is a silversmith in their shop Pet Tawan, located in Thong Sala, which means ‘Diamond of the Sun’ and is also the name of her grand daughter.

So Andrea, why did you choose Koh Phangan?
Oh my! I’ve known it for 25 years, I lost my heart here. The first 8 years I would come and go then in 1998 I met my now husband in Haad Rin he had a silver shop and was and still is a silversmith, this helped as I love silver. In 1999 I came back to take him to Germany so I could finish everything off then come back.

How long have you had your shop Pet Tawan?
For 5 years now. At first we moved around a bit, to Samui and Bangkok then back to Koh Phangan again. My husband was making beautiful jewelry and I am a stone collector and so we work and fit together perfectly. I can help with the knowledge of connecting the energy of the stones and what they are good for.

What are your favourite stones?
Ooh, Sugilite, chrysocolla, it’s my feeling towards them. I choose stones with intuition then when I read about it I see oh wow that’s why I felt drawn to that one. People are always drawn to stones they need, as they are good for physical and psychological troubles. The silver also has its own energy, silver works as a transmitter with the stone, it goes in to the body more easily.

Do you do custom orders?
They have to choose the stones themselves, I never tell people what they need. It is their intuition, nearly 100% choose what they need any way. People can choose the type of silver work they want by looking at other pieces or my Husband will work without the stone and make a style that he feels fits it correctly.

Do you have any particular projects?
Trying to get myself more involved with the stones, I am working with healing necklaces. I also read tarot cards if people are interested in them, I do this through donation as I am not a professional but feel I have a good hand.

How do you spend your free time on Koh Phangan and what are your favourite places?
The beach and the jungle, this is my island.  I am already happy, I enjoy just sitting on the back of the bike just looking, driving through nature. There is such a special energy here, I feel it when I drive around, I like the little roads where there is not too much traffic.

What is your life philosophy?
Never give up, no matter how often you fall, get up and go on!