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Baan Tai

26 Oct 2011

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Between the island's main city Thong Sala and its primary party beach Haad Rin is Baan Tai Beach. Unlike Haad Rin (where everything is in walking distance interconnected by means of narrow one way roads lined with shops, hostels, restaurants, and bars) here you will find yourself to be more comfortable with a vehicle for transportation. 

For those that have time at their leisure, and that enjoy a little bit of exercise in their day, many places have bicycles also available for rent .  There isn't a hill too steep around here so it’s easy to cruise around and get aquainted with the beautiful surroundings and local atmosphere.  Most of Koh Phangans long stay residents, party organizers, and land owners reside here in homes on the beach or deep in the jungle.  There are many private houses and bungalows available for rent (monthly or weekly) if anyone is looking to stay longer than a few days.


As for accomodation, if you prefer to stay in a quieter environment and are able to pay a higher price on a room, Baan Tai hosts a vast selection of nice resorts to be choose from with views of Koh Samui from the coastline and gorgeous sunsets.  Several of Koh Phangans most esteemed restaurants (Fisherman's Restaurant and Fish at Thips to name a couple) are all highly recommended dining ideas...not only for their delicious dishes, but also for being the ideal location pro witnessing this beaches renowned sunset amongst great people...and maybe say, with a frosty pina colada or an ice cold beer?

The road everyone takes when going to the northern sector of Phangan is this towns centerpoint with the famous Baan Tai 7-11 on the corner.

All the big festivals in the Jungle (Jungle Experience, Halfmoon, Shiva Moon) are off this road.

The lifestyle of the people here is more reserved and calm. The parties are another story all together. These jungle parties are the biggest on the island next to the Full Moon Party with thousands of people gathering at each and every event.

The smaller parties, with their more intimate ambiance, are where the locals gather and break it down on the dance floor.  Most of these smaller parties (Loi Lay Floating Bar, The Place, and Baan Sabai to name a few) are located along the main road, easily found by means of a  lantern trail (on both sides of the road usually) that link the spot of interest to the main road with dots of fire.

Parties in Baan Tai Beach

Jungle Experience Party Koh Phangan

10 and 1 nights before Fullmoon Party

The Jungle Experience is the biggest House party on Koh Phangan happeing outside the Full Moon night.
There are 2 Jungle Experience parties during the month, the first one is 4 days before the Full Moon and the second one is 1 day before. The venue located at Baan Tai Jungle 5 minutes drive from Seven Eleven Baan Tai.

Black Moon Party Koh PhanganBLACKMOON CULTURE 
 2 weeks after Full Moon party

The Blackmoon Culture party occurs in Mac's Bay resort on Baan Tai beach.
This party started about 13 years ago and have continued ever since. Many Trance music lovers arrive to the island especially on the this week to experience a Full Psy party right on the beach. They play proper dark and Psy Trance music all night. In the morning hours Progressive can be heard too.

Loi Lay Party Koh PhanganLOI LAY


Every Sunday

Loi Lay Boat Party Koh Phangan’s only Floating Bar & Lounge.
Every Sunday night Loi Lay hosts their famous Sunday Tech House Party from 9 PM to the early sunrise.
The Sunay parties are quite popular among the Electro Funky House Crew of the local Thai’s and Fallangs.

Sramanora Party Koh PhanganSRAMANORA
2 nights before and after Fullmoon Party

In the jungle Baan Kai, at the heart of the valley and under the beautiful Sramanora waterfall there is a Techno party running.
Tech-House and Minimal vibes dished out by International DJs and Djanes.  A sweet Mix of Guest Djs and residents on the Island! Resident DJ PHB - Pure Human Beat.


Shivamoon Party Koh PhanganSHIVA MOON
3 days before and
3 after Fullmoon party

Shiva Moon party in Baan Tai jungle about 5 minutes drive from Baan Tai Seven Eleven.
This is an old school Trance playground and considered one of the favorite parties the the Trance family who visit the island often..A beautiful garden with trance vibes where they play Psy Trance all night in a small but beautifully decorated valley in 3 natural dance floors!

Half Moon Party Koh PhanganHALFMOON FESTIVAL 
week before and week after Full Moon Party

The Halfmoon festival happens twice a month, This party is the biggest event on Koh Phangan after the Full Moon Party.
many party lovers conquer the island twice a month especially to participate in this event.he party starts at 8pm with Live music shows and Art performances such as fire dancing and traditional Thai dancing and continues all night long till 7 in the morning.

Ban Sabaii Party Koh PhanganBAN SABAII
3 days before and 3 after Fullmoon party

Ban Sabaii beach after-party is 1 of the most well-known phenomenon among Phanganists and visitors!
Ban Sabaii will be starting in the mornings either right after a Moon party or by sunset the following day.
This Trance party will bring you to an even further conclusion of your party night and is recommended as a sweet come-down from the big party the night before.


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