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MARCUS MEINHARDT - Heinz, Sasomo - De
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Hailing from Thüringen, the DJ and producer Marcus Meinhardt nowadays calls the Berlin club- and music scene his home and he is definitely one of its most important representatives. Also in the inter- national scene Marcus Meinhardt is a well known name since many years. He plays regularly on the big floors of legendary clubs and he knows how to rock! His sound leaves nothing to be desired.
In the last years he worked a lot for the former „Katerholzig“. Currently Marcus Meinhardt is resident DJ and a fixed part of the new Berlin scene club „Kater Blau“, which recently opened its doors on the new Holzmarkt area. Also as a producer Marcus has established himself on the highest level. Most of his hits were released on the great Berlin Label „Katermukke“- how can it be different?! Meanwhile he has upgraded and set up his own successful label „Heinz Music“. Music creations by an impressive list of artists including Guido Schneider, Siopis, Jens Bond, Britta Arnold, Andreas Henneberg, Schleppgeist, D-Nox & Beckers and many more were published on „Heinz Music“ and characterize the label.
Be sure to find the „Heinz Flag“ at the very top! Marcus Meinhardt, Heinz Music and the crew of Kater Blau will evolve side by side and focus their attention on a purely great mu- sical time for people all over the world. They will draw from years of experience and give free space to creativity. Stay tuned for the development and for any new projects of Marcus Meinhardt and the crew!

EMPRO - Free Agency, Bar 25, Rote Dichte -De

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Empro grew up in Thuringia in East Germany during the late 80s. His interest on the variety of electronic music awakes in the mid-90s. Following the move to Berlin in 2000 and an intense journey through different styles of the new music movement, he quickly dipped into the scene and became an active part of it.
Until today techno music has not lost anything of its charm to him. Empro has the pleasure to play his music in clubs and on festivals all over the world. In 2012 he became a resident DJ at the world-famous club Sisyphos in Berlin.
Empros first DJ gig was in 2003 at Underground Berlin below Alexanderplatz. Numerous gigs followed and within a short time he played in Berlins most popular clubs like Panoramabar, Watergate, Tresor, Bar25, Maria, WMF and Polar TV.
You can describe Empros music as trippy, twisted, dynamic, organic, daisy and always forwards. He is well-known for his energetic enduring TechHouse Sets, alongside he invites everyone to listen, feel and enjoy the music and makes everybody dance like nobody is watching, also himself.
Taken by the desire to create something unique he founded together with Ruede Hagelstein the booking agency Mind The Crap in 2004. Afterwards he decided to set up his own and still ongoing business project „free agency“.
In 2011 he had his own Techno Club called Levee. Besides he is the initiator of varied party series in and around Berlin like HomeSweetHome (in co-op with Marcus Meinhardt) and Betriebsfeier (founded in 2003 together with Coco Berlin). Moreover he supported the Melt!Festival with organizing the Sleepless Floor for many years and was involved in festivals like SonneMondSterne, Fusion and Sonar OFF.
Apart from being a DJ all over, he released since 2006 his own productions and remixes on several labels like BAR25, Heinz Music, Upon.You Records and Freizeitglauben. Empro is currently back in his studio and you should watch out for his next releases.

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