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Six Tips to Enjoy the Full Moon Party

12 Jan 2017

The full moon party has rolled back around... Koh Phangan's biggest party with up to 40,000 people coming the island to enjoy the event. The rain hasn't stopped anyone and people are arriving by ferry right now!

We share our top six Phanganist tips for get the most of this epic event...

  1. Wear shoes!

Whilst this may seem like strange advice, you will see many people padding around Koh Phangan barefooted everyday! Even those that don’t, dancing on the sand at Haad Rin beach at the full moon party can sound appealing …. Don’t do this!

As the night goes on, broken glass and other debris litter the beach which could hurt your feet! Our number one tip to survive the full moon party -  wear shoes!!



Take a taxi with friends or share with people from your hostel

Find out at your hostel about taxi services or head down to a warm-up event and link in with a group to share a taxi to the event with - this will be the cheapest and most fun way to get there!


3. Take only the cash that you need for the night

Before you go think about how much cash you’ll need for the event: entrance fee, taxi fare (there and back!), buckets, neon paint. Tot it all up and bring that much with you, maybe a little spare just incase you need it.

Leave your passport, credit card and any valuables at home as you could loose them.

Most people will bring their phone with them but keep this safe, check it’s in a secure pocket or bag so you don’t have to worry!


4. Buy buckets away from the beach, where they are as cheap as 180 baht.

Savvy spenders, or just anyone, buy your buckets en route to the main event as they are much cheaper!

5. Find a meetup point

This could be a bar or recognisable place like the big burning sign saying ‘full moon party’. Find a spot where you can arrange to meet your friends if you get separated or at a certain time of the night/morning if you want to go off for a boogie on your own!

6. Drink loads of water  

Or coconut water like Sharon Phanganist if you want to get super healthy!

Save yourself a hangover! Drink lots and lots of water through the night. The climate is warm and the infamous full moon buckets contain a mammoth amount of alcohol. This combo could have you feeling worse for wear the next day….

Unless, you strategically drink water regularly throughout night. Or even just a big amount before you (eventually) go to sleep!


Stay safe and have fun!