CIDAART 2nd Edition CULTURE mini Festival


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23 May 15:00

Samsara Beach Club


We welcome you for the second edition of 'Ciddart Culture Mini Festival' after the first amazing edition we had in March 2021 !

 Music Genres

“Join Us To Experience Something Extraordinary and beyond your imaginations to Free Your Mind and Soul


Psy Shops 
Selection of international live acts and djs 
Bar & Restaurant 
Swimming Pool 
Private beach 
Great sunset  Viewpoint 
Turbo crystal clear sound System 
Amazing vibes 
 Fire performance 

 Djs in order of appearance 

CHICAGO (1200 mic) 


Deco By Rastea & Skvo.Space

Entry Fee :
100 THB before 4pm
200 THB Before 9pm
300 THB after 9 pm



NOTE: Artists who do any arts and activities related to Psy culture welcome to send us messages for collaboration !!


What means ?
Psytrance or simply psy (derived from the Greek word ψυχή, psyche, “spirit”, “soul” )
What is Psytrance?
Well Wikipedia will tell you that it is sub-genre of electronic, dance music and on the surface level, this definition is more or less satisfactory. And yet it is also woefully inadequate…
Why Psytrance is not only a music ?because Psytrance is more than just a music !
Music is an aural sensory form that exists within very concise limitations. It has a definite beginning and end. Notes sound, then they fall away and decay. This is not Psytrance. Whereas, music has energy Psytrance is energy.
Rather, Psytrance is an experience. You do not simply listen to it, you become it. It is somehow, an eternally living, sentient being that has its own consciousness.
It flows where it will and not merely where its mediator would will it to flow and just because you turn off your stereo doesn’t mean that it will go away; as anybody who has ever been to a trance party will tell you, you can still feel the music even several days later.
Psytrance is the now. It is the absolute, unadulterated expression of pure existence manifesting itself from one instant to the next. It is one single moment replicating itself eternally with unlimited variations. It is neither light nor dark, joy nor sorrow, creation nor destruction; it is pure energy. It simply is.