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Opening of the Season - Day Party


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Full Moon After Party!!


Another Day we wont Remember, but we will never forget!

- Peter G (Lighthouse, DE)
Peter G was born in 1975, in Fürth, south Germany. For generations his family had been in the entertainment business working in carnivals all throughout Germany, and so it was inevitable that Peter would grow up as a showman, a character that comes out in his performances.
It was in 1990 that Peter G was first introduced to techno music while partying in Würzburg - Airpot, Frankfurt - Omen, U60311, & München – Ultraschal. The beats immediately appealed to his senses and thus grew his passion for electronic music.
Now music lovers from all around the world come to listen to Peter G play and to get inspired by his music, inviting him to play in clubs and festivals all over the world.
Peter G is always appreciative of his friends and fans and gives thanks to all of them for their support, enjoying his music, and dancing to his beats. “Music, Love, & Peace. Keep It Alive!” – Peter G

- ABenz aka Venus Vibes (Germany)

ABenz aka Venus Vibes made Koh Phangan her tropical home since 2004. Drawing from the many mystical energies of her tribal haven, she established her own particular potion of funkadelic freakiness, infecting the hearts and minds the world over. With her extravagantly deep and skillfull Dj sets. Living amongst the musical diversity of Koh Phangan´s dancefloor sounds, she´s developed an open minded approach to the art of Djing.
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- P J Deckers (Lagom -Belgim)

PJ’s passion for house music started at the young age of 15. In his home country Belgium he was enthusiastically collecting records and later he began to DJ as a hobby.. He moved to party island Koh Phangan in 2015 where he developed his signature sound, a
blend of driving, melodic techno and tech house.

- BONFA ( FridaBuxe- CH)

- LANCIO (Samsara - UK)

1pm: Bonfa
3pm: Peter G
6pm; Lancio
8pm: P.J Deckers
11pm: Abenz aka Venus Vibes


Samsara Beach Club
12 Dec 12:00