Ocean Flow - viniyasa yoga on SUP

21 Jun 08:00

SeaTara Restaurant & Bar

welcome to join us to the Ocean Flow -
soft and deep vinyasa practice- on the SAP !
in the the beach with the most breth taking sunsets on the island
starting with a bit of Paddling - connect to the beautiful ocean, and to warm up
and then we go deep to practice - finding our stability, strength and tranquility !
yoga SAP benefits :
helps us activate our core muscles
mastering our stability on water - inspires our somatic intelligence - so we can find our stability easely in the never stopping moment of life !
practicing in the wilderness helps our mind relax and activates the alpha brain waves - which is healing in every way.
practicing yoga SUP during the beautiful magical sunset time is one of the best experiences on the island !
the practice will be instructed by Noa Malka Tomer -
Somatic Psychotherapist, yoga teacher and family constellation facilitator.
sunset time @ Seatara
no need to have previous experience but if you have any questions you are welcome to write in the facebook event ! Whatsapp message
there is only 7 SUPs
so its better so sign up i the event
please arrive at least 10 minutes before 5 PM

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