Somatic Therapy Techniques

18 Jun 10:00

Samma Karuna

Somatic Therapy Techniques
4 Days Workshop (4 hours each class)
Learn how to activate the auto-healing mechanisms of the body.
We invite you to a series of 4 classes to know and understand better our miraculous body.
Learn techniques from different traditions to help our self and for others with Charilaos!
Class 1. 18/6/2024
Self-treatments and Activation of the extremities of the body (hands, feet and head) through the Meridians.
We are going to learn techniques for self-healing, that we can use as daily self-care practices. These techniques come from Reflexology, Chinese medicine and Greek ancient knowledge.
On the second part of the class we will focus on the activation of the extremities to increase the energy flow of our body and optimize it, through the meridians, so we can feel more balanced, light and more connected to the present moment.
Class 2. 19/6/2024
Emotional release through our internal organs- Wind Gates. Introduction to Chi Nei Tsang-Tao Chinese
Clean and nourish our emotional brain (abdominal area) through our internal organs.
First, we start with opening the “wind gates” of the body , and then we learn how we work to our internal organs for a transformative emotional release.
In our organs and our abdominal area, known as our emotional brain, we store our negative emotions and energies. These obstruct the whole body and cause stiffness and pain. In this class, we will learn how to clean out the toxins and emotions that cause blockages, pain and stiffness in order to energize and detoxify the internal system. These practices come from Tao Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Class 3. 20/6/2024
Activating the lymphatic system, working on the glands and fascia.
Myofascial and fascia stretching techniques.
Learn how to regulate the hormones in our bodies and strengthen the immune system through the glands, and lymphatic nodes. Work also to the miraculous connective tissue, “Fascia” to reduce pain, improve posture, circulation, and energy levels!
Class 4. 21/6/2024
Techniques to regulate our parasympathetic nervous system. Stimulation of Vagus nerve for stress and anxiety relief.
The vagus nerve is central to every aspect of our life. The stimulation, It can provide us with deep relaxation , de-stress as well as peace and balance.
Also regulates the workings of our organs that affect our emotional state, which directly influences to our behavior. The proper working of our autonomic nervous system is central to our emotional as well as physical health and well-being.
Starting time 10: 00
• Price 28 euros per day, if you participate to 4 classes 100 euros total
•Every class can be taken individually
•Location: Samma Karuna, haad Chao pao, Koh phangan Thailand
No previews experience is necessary.
*Useful tools and knowledge for Therapists, Yoga – Tantra – Breathwork Teachers and instructors.
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About the Facilitator:
Charilaos began his deep spiritual journey and bodywork in 2006: studying yoga, tantra, and practicing vipassana. The universe knocked on his door in 2012, when he found a mentor and went to Thailand to study the art of Thai yoga massage. He had the opportunity to learn and experience different styles from some of the great masters such as Pichest, Mantak Chia, Sinchai, and Mr. Nat (School for the Blind). Nowadays he is an authorized teacher of Chi Nei Tsang (Chinese Taoist medicine) and Thai massage and continues to teach and offer private healing sessions around the world.
Over years of practice and following his intuition, Charilaos has created his own style of therapeutic massage and energy healing. The techniques he uses in his sessions are from many different traditions like Chi Nei Tsang, deep tissue treatment, shiatsu, cosmic healing, acupressure, Thai medicine, craniosacral techniques, and myofascial release.
The name Charilaos means “benevolence towards people.” So he discovered that one of his life purposes is to help people through massage. He is also a chef, natural builder and cultivates his own food. As such, he is always connected to Mother Earth, as this makes him capable of deeper and more therapeutic massages and classes!
Instagram: harmonez
Facebook: harmonez xarilaos

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