Rebirthing Breathwork - Saturday at 16:30

20 Apr 16:30

Shakti Yoga

Rebirthing Breathwork - Saturday at 16:30-18:30 @ Shakti Yoga
*Discover Your Inner Power: Experience the Transformational Magic of Rebirthing Breathwork!*
Unleash the potential within you by embracing the art of Rebirthing Breathwork—a captivating journey to reconnect with your essence through the power of breath!
*Why Choose Rebirthing?*
Immerse yourself in a sacred, heart-centered space designed for profound healing, transformation, and rediscovery of your inner power. The heart of Rebirthing lies in the conscious connected breath—a rhythmic technique seamlessly intertwining inhalation and exhalation.
*Unlock Your True Self:*
Bypass the confines of the rational mind and delve into the untouched realms of your being. With the connected breath, gently release the burdens of accumulated tensions, emotions, and past patterns.
Rebirthing is your gateway to restoring a natural sense of wholeness and vibrant aliveness.
*Key Highlights:*
Experience the power of conscious connected breathing.
Explore the depths of your inner self in a safe, heart-centered space.
Tap into your innate resilience and healing potential.
Release tensions, emotions, and patterns hindering your well-being.
Foster balance in mind, body, and emotions.

*Discover Rebirthing Potential Benefits:*

*Beat Anxieties and Feel Happier:*

*Boost Confidence by Facing Fears:*

*Feel How Your Mind and Body Influence Each Other:*

*Create Peace, Love and relaxation Inside:*

*Balance Your Mind, Body, and Emotions:*

*Access Inner Strength to Navigate Difficult Situations:*

*Relieve Stress for Overall Well-Being:*
-avoid eating at least 1h before
-wear comfortable clothing
-bring blind fold or scarf/towel to cover your eyes
-bring scarf/towel or jacket to cover yourself (body might dropped temperature while emotionally releasing)
-bring a water bottle
*Practical Details:*
Exchange: 800THB
Location: Shakti Yoga
Time: Saturday at 16:30-18:30

*Contact for More Info or Bookings:*
- WhatsApp: +66 97 972 5008
Max. 12 participants, in order to secure your spot is required a payed booking, spots are first-come-first served.
Door open 5 min. before Event starts.
*About Your Facilitator, Basia:*
An experienced meditation, breathwork, and elemental ceremony facilitator with a profound background in conscious expansion. Basia, a trauma-aware therapist, brings over 5 years of expertise to guide you through magical journeys of transformation. In addition to weekly group sessions, she offers private 1:1 sessions and online support, combining breathwork, ice baths, and yoga to enhance your healing journey.

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