Learn to DJ Workshop w/ DJ Bruce

10 Jun 14:00

Pyramid Yoga

Have you ever had the desire to be behind the decks and creating musical journeys as a performing DJ?
Whether you want to DJ events, parties, or ecstatic occasions, you’ll learn all the necessary fundamentals to be able to mix songs together via beat matching, equalizer mixing, loops, & effects.
Along with the fundamental skills & knowledge you will learn, we will also:
▶ Differentiate between the wide variety of DJ software & hardware available
⏸ Review a multitude of tips and tricks
⏹ Learn how to put together a DJ set
⏏ Organize your personal music library
What you will take away from this workshop:
⭐ Fundamental techniques, skills, & knowledge to be a live DJ.
⭐ Summary PDF of the material covered for easy review & practice.
⭐ A set of songs pre-organized & categorized for you to be able to practice your new skills.

Limited spots available, to reserve yours message @DJBruceDanger via LINE or Telegram.

Investment in yourself: 2700 baht

About DJ Bruce:
Started DJing back in 2010, first by hosting karaoke nights in bars, then moving into pool parties, weddings, school dances, and eventually working on a cruise ship for a year as a DJ. This quickly led into DJing at nightclubs and doing an international tour DJing in England, Croatia, Greece, & landing Bruce in Thailand where he fell in in love with a beautiful woman and the yogic lifestyle. He still DJ's private events but now he's more excited in sharing his knowledge & love for music. Come join us an expand your horizons!

Check out some of DJ Bruce's mixes here: