🔥Modern Qi Gong: Explore Your Energies w/ Bruce

13 Jun 11:00

Pyramid Yoga

🔥No Experience Required!🔥

Ancient wisdom like Qi Gong helps us to connect to our own inherent energy supplies which exist in our beautifully abundant Universe, yet in today’s modern society we seek energy from the outside. From stimulating drinks to stimulating media, seeking vitality from outside of ourselves is a recipe for short bursts of stimulation when in reality we are seeking the radiance to thrive.
Syncing mind & body is the key to vibrancy & health. For beginners & intermediate practitioners, come join Bruce as he leads you through a series of body & mind movements you will and keep for the rest of your life to cultivate & store the energy inherent in you. Where your mind goes, your chi flows. Give the universal gift of vibrancy & vitality to yourself. Come and explore your own Energies.

Energy Exchange: 300 thb