Chakra Tuning Meditation & Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Healing w/ Bruce

15 Jun 17:00

Pyramid Yoga

Join Bruce as he sets the intention for the hour to generate waves of healing sounds by first energetically aligning everyone’s chakras through a guided meditation, and then relaxing deeply into a Tibetan singing bowl sound journey.

By focusing on breath to begin the event we are able to truly quiet the mind and invite space in for healing vibrations to realign the cells in our bodies. By quieting our ever-busy minds, through guided meditation, each session dives us deep within our subconscious, enabling us to unravel the many blockages we have accumulated throughout our lives. Once our energy channels are consciously and subconsciously cleared, the musical portion begins with a variety of sound healing instruments to energetically and electromagnetically align ourselves and our energy fields to the frequency of Mother Earth and the Universe itself.

Effects of this practice include but are not limited to:

⭐Promotes the activation of Prana/Qi (life force energy) – healing on the physical, emotional, psychological, & spiritual level.

⭐Excellent for pain management and stress relief

⭐Helps alleviate muscle spasms and increases circulation

⭐Promotes relaxation by stimulating the nervous system

⭐Triggers the release of nitric oxide to relieve pain

⭐Powerful nervous system balance

⭐Unlock, heal and balance the chakras

⭐Helps to let go of fear, worry, stress and anxiety

⭐And/or you just have the best nap of your entire life!

Energy Exchange: 300 baht