Daily Chakra Yoga @ Pyramid Yoga Center

12 Jun 09:00

Pyramid Yoga

Join us every single day at Pyramid Yoga Center for an exploration into the energies of the universe unlike any other!

Our Hatha Yoga Classes embrace the principles taught here by David Goulet (who founded Pyramid Yoga Center 20 years ago!) based upon the science of yoga as he learned it back in the 1970's from Swami Gitananda.

Each day is a different journey through each chakra! Here's a brief description of each chakra energy:

Muladhara: Red; Element - Earth; Yoga - Hatha Yoga
Swadhistana: Orange; Element - Water; Yoga - Jnana Yoga
Manipura: Yellow; Element - Fire; Yoga - Pranayama Yoga
Anahata: Green; Element - Air; Yoga - Karma Yoga
Vishuddha: Blue; Element - Electromagnetism; Yoga - Raja Yoga
Ajna: Purple; Element - Mind; Yoga - Yantra Yoga
Sahasrara: (Diamond) White; Element - Consciousness; Yoga - Mantra

Each class is 300 baht.
Resident Passes are available for 2200 baht for 10 classes!
Each class is from 9 AM to 10:30 AM everyday!