Intro to Human Design

3 Apr 12:00


What is Human Design?

The Human Design System is a synthesis of ancient and modern sciences and has proven to be a valuable tool for self-discovery and correct decision-making.

How your life unfolds depends on the decisions you make. Each decision is critical, taking you along a particular trajectory, ultimately making up the sum total of your life. The right decision keeps you aligned with your path in life.

But how do you make a decision? Through reasoning, working out the pros and cons, and ultimately arriving at a well-reasoned guess?

It has been proven that mental reasoning is an ineffective and unreliable decision-making process that more often than not leads to resistance and regrettable choices. This knowledge reveals the most natural way for you, helping you build a foundation for a life without resistance in which decisions can be made with certainty.

Your Body Graph (Chart) reveals simple techniques for correct decision-making and is also a concrete map that offers a logical way of seeing your unique and individual nature—an extremely accurate tool for self-knowledge.

Human Design System is a combination of ancient and modern sciences that has been proven to be a practical and efficient tool for self-discovery & decision-making. Human Design offers a map, or a manual, that indicates how unique you are as a person, and guides you to live in a manner that is aligned with who you truly are. It offers profound insights into your physiology, psychology, strengths/weaknesses, spiritual purpose, along with strategies & techniques for making correct decisions.

Live a life you love, love the life you live✨