Masterclass - The Science of Yoga; An Introductory Meeting FREE EVENT!

30 Jan 11:00

Pyramid Yoga

Yoga is a psychological healing and evolution, not just an exercise routine as you may have encountered it the past.

The yogic scientific view promotes a whole system to help us in different layers of healing as our whole inner system.

The psychology of all human beings is based on growing up and integrating with life and everything that makes up the parts of it.

Have you also considered that our preprogrammed thoughts and behavior patterns are also the main cause of our suffering, distorted life-view perspective and unhealthy patterns? Therefore, our psychological background is a fundamental role inside of our mental program creating our belief systems and our way to perceive and react in life.

Yoga is an ancient system which awake us up to see the truth and has the ability to transform our reality. Nowadays, the yoga system has been accepted from the Western science perspective regarding the scientific field that has been proving these higher benefits through modern quantum physics, neuroscience, & integrating our thought/belief patterns.

So, if you want to go beyond the asanas, beyond your ordinary and programed mind, join us in this Master Class…

It is also a space where we will explain about our immersion that is starting in the next full moon (6th) which we will go inside of these things and more….

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