Weekly Women's Circle w/ Zara Spirit

30 Jan 15:00

Pyramid Yoga

Join our weekly women's circle at Pyramid every MONDAY.

This is a safe and sacred space to open up, to be seen by a compassionate circle of sisters, to heal and nourish our bodies with love, wisdom, soulful practices and feminine rituals.

This experience will prepare you for a blossoming week while you are rooted in your body center .

Every week we have different activities such as: dance, womb yoga, creative art, sharing circles, feminine archetypes teachings ,guided meditation , emotional alchemy ,goddess photoshoot and many more surprises.

And an afternoon tea time at the end .
We offer sacred rituals in the wild jungle of the pyramid and sing together for mother earth.

We connect to our womb and remember through different incarnations and bring back the witch and the healer and medicine woman.

About Zara,

Zara is a mystic feminine leader and womb initiator, that has remembered the art of temple priestess initiation and ancient rituals of moon blood magic during her transcendence .

She is a sister from Iran whose life has been devoted to the service of the divine feminine and supporting women to rise up in their power.

Her devotion to the path of healing and awakening has brought immense transformation to middle east and the Iranian community.

She is now honoured to walk with you home and return to love .

What’s app no : +66 96 247 7812