BREATH, PLAY DANCE (former Primal Play) A journey into freedom

7 Jun 19:00

Orion Healing

A journey into freedom

We are inviting you into an experience that will assist us to deepen our connection with ourselves, before liberating us to PLAY and DANCE with others - for the blissful unfolding of the DIVINE.

This workshop is designed as a journey to embody your soul through movement and touch base with deep inner space. Embodying awareness and wisdom of all our parts, opens up such a vast sensual perspective to life and affects all of our relations, as well as keeps us in the now moment, rather then in the mindset of the past or future.

We use breathing techniques and guided movements so vibration can flow freely in and through the body.
We invite you to endure and experience physicality to express your felt sense, emotional landscape, sensuality, aversion, and desire.
We request you to be authentic, so by being true to yourself you are also serving as a divine mirror for others.

All kinds of expressions are welcomed, you can laugh or cry, you can shake, slow dance, playfight, snuggle, and scream into a pillow. It is a safe space for you to stretch yourself beyond your usual way of being.

The Container
There is an invitation for all aspects of our experience, with common sense limitations governed by both our venue and our intentions

Two of our core values are TRUST & FREEDOM.
We trust so we encourage people to honor and explore their personal boundaries (“yes”& “no” and the edge with curiosity) with vulnerability and sensitivity, and with the minimum required tension.

This is an experience to drop in your body and allow it to move authentic energy, to give form to your inner world.
We will engage in a conscious and playful way to explore ourselves and connect to others.
We use cacao as energetic harmonizing
FIRST PART - Powerful breathing techniques to create catharsis for the emotional body, after all, we are here to move energy in motion.
SECOND PART - Guided movement to play in group and individual, to embody all states of psychic behavior, we will explore dynamics, identity, resistance, and all sorts of mental states through the body.
THIRD PART - Open space for dance exploration with a playlist designed for the experience to allow us to express ourselves freely with all our authentic emotional movement in the space.

Your Facilitators
• Michal Ora is a SHAMANIC and MASTERMIND facilitator. Her offerings are weving into embodiment practices and Energy Healing.

• Dani Duarte is a MYSTIC MENTORING & THERAPIST that inspires and assists people to enter into the wildness of the heart. Her offerings wave into body & energy work, rituals, and ceremonies. Ancient practices of embodiment and devotion.
She lives life as the embodiment of all the aspects of the feminine. Honoring her authenticity & enjoying the freedom of being.
Her wholehearted lifestyle inspires self-devotion, trust, and liberation.
Whatsapp: +66 63 189 9169

Location: Orion beach shala
The price for the evening, including cacao, is 400THB. (Single mothers, financially challenged and the local Thai community, please message one of us if you need assistance).
ADVANCE TICKETS 300THB at Orion reception until 5 pm Wed.

WEDNESDAY - Time: 19:00-21.30
Please arrive ON TIME (by 7 pm) we will close the container.
Come clean and wear clothes you can get on the floor with. Bring a bottle of water.